It’s been a long time to think back once  I first came to Korea. Surely, life keep me so busy, seasons changes frequently, yellow, white, green, pink, turn around, only when I look out of the window again, the leaves are no longer on the tree with just a blink of an eyes.

2010, September! Everything was new, I didn’t know Korean language, however, I was so thankful that at my university, there already Cambodian seniors who later shown me everything, explained me every difficulties they faced before us. Compared to other student whose university having no one, they were so lonely and experienced lots of funny stuffs.

Therefore, I’m thinking how can my post be more helpful? Mainly here I post about my experience in Korea such as travel, new events, foods, songs, exams, etc which these things I’m still doing them and meeting them everyday and keeping them update, however, today I was reminded that I forgot those funny story, embarrassing experience that ridiculous conversation, awkward situation, that again and again turn out to be a fairy tales and jokes to share with those whose just start their life in Korea.

So, from now on, I will post more regarding tips to do this and that in Korea for the main purpose “Reduce embarrassment” . Especially, the tips are more oriented to those who come from a developing countries like myself, who find Korea are more different from their hometown, for those who questioning others are frustrating, those who love reading blog, those who wanna learn something new about Korea, those who seeking for comfy life before coming to Korea, those who curious about their friends and relatives in Korea…etc,

You can go to “Category” menu on the left side of the blog and click on “Tips in Kora”, you will find the post related with it. I’ll try to update all the interesting info.

Enjoy reading and enjoy Korea! ^^