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First Snowy Seoul Dec 09

This morning it is first snow here in Seoul. I can tell without checking the  weather forecast, since all my friend status now change to 눈이 왔어,눈이 온 다, 눈이 오고 있다…Seeing snow make me feel brighter, it also remind me good memory. ^^ I just only wish the exam to finish with the good result and then jingle bell, skating, skiing will be waiting for me. By the way, the song related with first snow that received hit on music chart last year is the one.

Snow Season Returns

After a great amount of snow fell in Gangwon Province, children living in Daegwallyeong make a snowman (photo: Yonhap News).

I’m so glad to see this news, and excited with this pic, and waiting till my exam to finish.! yohooo!!!

Seoul Weather

Today Seoul Weather! It getting now. Japan is still 17oC.


Skiing this winter

Picture a snow white field, the thrilling speediness of snow-sliding feet, a strong wind blowing past your face splashing snowflakes to the ground when jumping.Skiing is one of the most popular sports and is often referred to as “the essence of winter sports”. There are a lot of ski resorts present in the areas surrounding Seoul, less than a couple hours drive from the capital city; all of which boast world-class sizes and set ups.
These have made Seoul one of the most favored winter destinations for tourists from Taiwan, southern China, and other Southeast Asian countries, which have no chance of snow at home.
The most cost efficient way to enjoy skiing is through the purchase of a season pass. A pass allows members access to both the ski lifts and accommodation at discount rates.

Phoenix Park
  • Phoenix Park prides itself on its 22 well maintained slopes. It is a popular destination among the younger crowd because of the excellent customer service and the high quality of the slopes. Located in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, it is relatively close to Seoul and the use of shuttle buses provided by the resort for free (from Jangpyeong to Pyeongchang) allows skiers to take full advantage of the 3 to 24 degree steep slopes at an affordable daily rate.
    A daily lift pass costs 65,000 won.
  • Tel. 82-1577-0755
  • http://www.phoenixpark.co.kr/english/default.html
Yongpyeong Resort
  • Yongpyeong is home to the largest ski facility in the country. The resort has gained the respect of ski enthusiasts with its 5.7 km long slope, the second longest slope in Korea. There are 28 slopes that have gradients measuring between 10 and 38 degrees.
    A daily lift pass costs 60,000 won. Free shuttle buses are available from Jamsil, Apgujeong and Sadang to Daegwallyeong.
  • Tel. 82-1588-0009
  • http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/index.asp
Muju Resort
  • Located in Jeollabuk-do, skiers can enjoy a spectacular view as they make their way down from Deogyusan (Mt.)’s Seolcheon peak. The resort is especially popular among intermediate- to advanced-level skiers as it has the country’s longest slope — measuring 6.4 kilometers. A daily lift pass costs 70,000 won. The rental shop does not provide toques, goggles or gloves, however.
  • Tel. 82-063-322-900
  • http://www.mujuresort.com/e_index.asp
Jisan Forest Resort
  • The biggest advantage to this ski resort is its location. Located in Gyeonggi-do, Icheon, it is close to Seoul. Many skiers have complimented the quality of its slopes, but there is one drawback. The resort’s proximity to Seoul attracts flocks of skiers, most often resulting in long waiting lines. This smaller scale resort has 11 slopes with 7 to 30 degree angles.
  • Tel. 82-031-644-1200
  • http://www.jisanresort.co.kr/eng/index.html
High 1 Resort
  • High 1 was the most recently opened resort, but quickly emerged as a popular venue thanks to its facilities, built in an old European style, and the high quality of snow.
    Steepness of the slopes ranges from 4 to 22 degrees. There are 18 slopes in all. A daily lift pass costs 70,000 won. Free High 1 trains from Seoul and Busan to Gohan are available, adding to the romantic experience of this “trip of snowflowers”.
  • Tel. 82-033-533-8676
  • http://www.high1.co.kr/
  • Source: http://english.seoul.go.kr/lh/leisure/mla.php?pidx=4

White Day – Happy or Sad?

While in Cambodia, girls are doing their casual work, in Korea, we are teasing each other for how many candy one receive in this special day. The chocolate stalls that display on all the street this same day last month are now back to their position. What a different observation I have is, Korean girls are carrying boxes of chocolate or gift. How lovely is it?^^

This is the culture of both Korea and Japan, but because of those Mother Nature, I’m feeling so sorry for the Japanese people, especially, for those cute girls, they are supposed to have a good time today. :(. Sadly, I can’t do anything for them. The more I read the news, the more I feel I wanna go to Japan and rescue those under the damaged building and helping those in need of assistant for survival. 😦

I pray for you, Japan

Level 2 Classmate @Sogang KLEC

January 25, is my Auntie (Carolyn ssi)’s birthday. Then, we have a chance to, of course, play around for half an hour of our study time. Yahoo!!! My friend, Lora, she’s got her a cute brownie birthday cake, meanwhile, my Ajossi (Sam ssi, from other class), he also brought a nice looking yummy cake too. Then, our teacher come with a bunch of cake called “Pikacho” or something, I’m not remember,sorry. Yeah..So we all waited..glancing time -to-time whether our main princess come to class already. 1.35pm already, when we about to start class, our princess appeared. ^^ Very beautiful!!

Then the party began~~~~

My level 2 classmate are cute, Am I right? ^^

When the cake were all cut and shared to everyone, without any more hesitation, our teacher start a new lesson. Today, we study about the form ㄴ/은/는 데 with mean “….but….” That answer why we ended up to the funny activities in the picture below. Which we are supposed to be appear in our childhood photo, played some sport. Then, we were set up in pair and make conversation about the picture and childhood life. The study atmosphere turn out to be so interesting. However, since I’m still addicted to the photo shooting since the birthday’s party, I can’t let this moment go, by taking pic here and there of my classmate with their funny photo. ^^

My friend are acting they are in their 10 years old photo.

21st TOPIK Exam and Tips (Intermediate Level)

This 23rd January, I and many of my friends having a big day.  According to the title, you might know what is our big day is about. Yeah.. it’s TOPIK, that many Korean language students aim to do it as for the Spring semester entrance of many universities in Korea this March. Since I came to Korea for 5 months already, it’s my first time to really feel a punch in my stomach and experience how the high school students in Korea feel once they taking the entrance exam to enter the college. I was both nervouse and panic.  That day, I arrived 1 hour earlier as I don’t know whether I can find the building or the room of the exam as I have no clue of which building or which room number yet, in addition, I experienced 1 things before when I went to a competition of Bravo! ASEAN in Korea. The thing is, university in Korea mostly are so big and  have many buildings. So it will need sometimes to find it.

Snow were falling  so hard when I get off the Soonsil station. Luckily this time, I arrived 12.30pm, the time of Beginner and Advanced Level exam finish (Oh, I might havnt mentioned, only Intermediate Level was held in the afternoon, don’t be surprise that I’m taking the Intermediate Level even if I’m still a level 2 students). I met many of my friends, but not all, as some supposed to take at their home univ and some were taking at Kyunghee Univ. I found the building by seeing many people come out and to my surprised, I received many promotional gifts on the way to the room (some sweet candy,pen,…and of course plus the company name card, that how Korea give their promotion). I  had some spare time to chat with my friends and found out it a tough exam, but a bored Listening section for the Beginner Level as it was very slow.

Some here and there walking under the snow to explore Soongsil University, I back to check out my class and be ready for the exam. The 3 controllers came in 20 mins before 2pm, doubtingly they took our picture too. They gave us a black marker, that will be used in multiple choice section ( Meanwhile, we can use eraser tap if we wanna change the answer we chose). Only the Writing section will be written in pencil.

I sat at 1 table a lone with 5 people per column and about 6 or 7 per row, so it’s around 30 in a room. Here are what I’m experienced from the exam, and I’m not a model yet to give such tips or advice cos I’m still not capable to Intermediate Level yet, (plus as I’m not sure if I pass or fail) However, it’s just I wanna share what I learn and knowing the weakness of myself which might provide me better state if I attempt to take the exam again. let’s start

1st 90 min – Grammar & Writing

1-Memorize Variety of Vocab

The Grammar section, of course we need to know many vocab a lot more than knowing the grammar structure cos it most likely to ask about which word is the same/different to which word. If you can master them, you will hit the point.


Writing section will be the last, but since they gave 30 points for essay writing, it’s considerable to budget your time to spend on the last minute to write and be able to read it before hand it over. I know I’m poor with writing as I always need more than 30 min to finish, so I left 4o mins to write.

3- Don’t miss any question

My friend told me, they can’t finish the filling blank gap of Writing Section, that’s a BIG mistake. In TOPIK that part got lots of points ( I can say, it can be a pass or fail section) if you got lot of score out of this part , you have a high chance to pass. So, please don’t miss it. It’s a very difficult part, but if you don’t know what to fill, you can just fill whatever you think it fit cos they gonna give the score from 1-6 if you got something correct.

2nd sesssion, Listening and Reading

1- Read the instruction carefully

I found the instruction very distractive. Sometimes, they ask to choose what the guy in the dialog think about or what the girl think about or something else. If you can’t understand what they want you to do, you might choose the answer that is not required. So, instruction must be understood. As for me, I have to check all the sample of previous exam instruction again, cos I had problem with this and since some words I still don’t understand.

2- Quickly scan the 4 choices answer before you listen

I found that they gave us too little time to spend on screening the answer before hand, which for me, it’s quite difficult to choose. Which different from reading  section , that I mostly screen the the answer before reading the text, so I can stop at the point related to the question. So you must act fast and read fast!!

3- Imagine right

Again, in listening section, they need you to imagine or think right, example, there is a conversation and it finished, and they asked what the guy or the girl will response in this situation, and you have 4 choices to choose, so you should imagine right, not left ( In the exam they don’t care about your personality trait at all, they just care  that you think the way other people think).

4- Vocab again

In reading section, mostly I guessed all the answer because 80% I don’t understand what the text are about as I’m poor with vocab. So make sure you memorize a lot of word before you taking Intermediate Level.

5- What if I understand nothing??

Since reading is the last section, and also the last minute of exam, most of students feeling tired or hurting their neck, since it’s 3 hours already that their brain working so hard. Therefore, when they see so many text and many tricky answers, plus time is running up too, it become so stressful. Then, my tips is follow your instinct! Screen the answer quickly and find the main words in the answer and look for them in the long text and screen that part. Or read only the main idea of the text if you don’t have time.

To sum up, vocab are the main source of passing Korean Language test. However, to remember another language it need times!!!! Whatever, it is, now I know what I need to improve, so I hope next exam I can do better. Hope this tips will be helpful for you guys too. Fighting!! ! ^^

Snow Fight @Sogang University ~ Korea

Just a blink of a night, my school ground already transformed into a wonderland. ^^ No matter how much, I hate winter and cold weather, I still in love with this innocent white landscape. At noon, more shower snow fallin’. It sometimes look beautiful and romantic, but sometimes, it’s become hard like a rain drop which is not safe at all. However, this evening, we will have a wonderful time as me and my friends here planned to play a snow fight and build a big human-like- snowman of all. (**In reality, we can only just pile up a small volcano. Lolzz)

Ajossi is piling up the snow on the ground, so we can walk better.

So sad for him, cos after he’s done, more snow fallin’.


Some of our activities!! Let’s Fight!!

Don’t miss a chance to take picture! ^^

Christmas in Seoul 2010

During Christmas, at City Hall, there is an artificial ice-skating rink that set up for people to enjoy this holy season. We, like other Korean people, are waiting for this. For 3Cs reason:

– It’s Cheap (1000won, while the normal price is 7000 won)

– It’s at the City Hall

– It’s Christmas ^^

Of course, we really had so much fun. And this time, not like before, I can stand properly and skate very little. In addition, the atmosphere is a lot better that the one we went last time. As here we can see the clear blue sky, the freedom of people around us, and a big Christmas tree too. It’s such a joyful time, people are all smiling. ^^

**Note: Don’t miss a chance to do this. If interest, you can join me this Wednesday, as again, I’ll go there. ^^

Me & My other Cambodian friends on the

Skating Rink. Don’t jealous us! Come on!

Beautiful Atmosphere, right? ^^

Let’s Play Ice-Skating together!!

Look at how happy I was at that time!! ^^

(I’ll be a lot happier if I can stand more like Kim Yuna. :”) )


1st Attempt on TOPIK (Beginner Level)

My TOPIK exam will be this January 23rd 2011. Therefore, I tried to test my abilities whether or not I can get level 2 on the Topik (Beginner level) and yeah.. I got such a satisfy result that. I FAILED!!!!

I’m suppose to get higher than 70/100 in all subject to pass level 2. However, here is the result after my first attempt.

– Speaking :  69 (Refer to grammar usage, yeah I’m not that bad, just 1 more point to Pass, it still called failed)

-Writing : 57 (In class, writing is my best skill, but here, if I mistake one structure, I can’t get any score  😦 )

-Reading : 76 (Also, my best skill, but I really found it’s bored and complicated, however, my guess still win 🙂 )

-Listening: 84 (Highest, right? 😀 This score include Listening + Facebooking + Christmas Wishing. As this beginner level they speak very slow that I have to seek the tape forward as I don’t wanna wait long)

In conclusion, now I know how and where to improve my score on TOPIK test. Let’s see if I can make it on my next attempt. Whether or not, I can reach my goal! Fighting Molyna!!ja ja! ^^

Ah.. I almost forgot the time. It’s 1.40 already. Hmm.. need to off to bed now as I have to wake up and get some Christmas gift ready for tomorrow. By the way, Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers! A lot of thank for visiting me! ^^