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수강 신청 Course Registration Period


When I study Korean Language, we did not do any course registration at all. However, we did study of how Korean student suffer during the course registration. I came up with this topic because now I am in the process of registering course for my 2nd semester at Sogang Univ. I will update more abt it tomorrow. (No battery now)


If you first come to Korea and don’t know Korean and feel frustrated to ask someone on how to use some Korean-written-description machines, this post might be helpful. ^^. My first post of the new category about Tip 4Students in Korea, goes for laundry. Yes, it’s everyday use, so… it might be necessary to know. (I guess).

If you stay outside (Not in dormitory), I’m not really sure how the process is, just for my case, my dorm need us to pay all the time once we need to do laundry. Here I’ll draft out some simple step to finish laundry. Firstly, change the money into coin. For my dormitory, for using washing machine need to to put 500won x 2 / time. You need to insert 1000won to change if you happen not to have cash with you. (Only 1000w0n works with this machine, no 5000, no 10,000 either)

If you dont have your own shampoo, you can get it here for 500 won, plus the dry cloth freshening tissue.

1/ Put the 500 coin in the star sign and pull the handle accordingly then you can get it from the bottom part.

There are 4 step needed for the washing machine, pls follow the sign number

1/ Area to put fabric soften, if you dont have just ignore it

2/ Area to put shampoo (Pls don’t say you also dont have this*)

3/ Put the 2 coins in the hole and push the handle in, so the coin can drop inside

4/ Choose your type of washing (Normally, “colors” button is used)

Then just left machine to work for around 44 mins, and it’s done! Wink*** However, in case, you don’t want to wait it dry by itself, you can have another option is dryer machine. Again, need to pay 1000won/time around 40 mins.

Simply step, put the washed clothes (Not the hand washed-heavy-wet one) inside, and put coins in the hold at sign #1 and at #2 just choose type of cloth, after pressing it will run automatics. (The picture here is for machine above and below, make sure you choose the right dryer machine before you press the button)

New Day New Idea

I just made a new page about “Tip 4New Students in Korea“.  Go and have a look what it is about and then let me know what you want to know about student life in Korea. ^^ From today, I’ll post more regarding tips. Enjoy your reading!