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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


@Blue Lime Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Many years ago, my idea of swimming was to hang out with friends in the pool, in which we didn’t actually swim, just to splash the water around as my little Phnom Penh was pretty hot over the summer or let say our lovely one-year-round summer!

Like many people here, I can’t swim back then. First, I drown once. Thus, the idea of on, in, or near the water freaked me out…like… all the times.  Second, there was no second reason.  One day (I don’t know when), I plucked up my courage and decided to take a swimming lesson, which didn’t end that well but good enough to know the basic kicking as I spent almost three weeks just to kick around with my fellow sexy trainees, Korean Ajummas ^^.


@Blue Lime Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

SWIMMING Aujoud’hui

After arriving Phnom Penh, I met many swimming lovers (Yay!!!) and some are willing to teach me some moves  (Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!). but had to give up ( 😦 ) because I’m not that good student (guilty as charged). Well, beside those moves, swimming needs to be coming from the inside. It’s a solo sport, nobody can help you, except you, yourself. Therefore, I need so much time and practice to be able to get through my dark old drowning day before I can believe in the water again (You, water, be nice to me!).

So I learn the basic fact that to be able to swim, the secret ingredient (Kong Fu Panda hash tagged) is to believe.

1)   Believe that you won’t die even if you put all your head inside the water.

2)   Believe that if you let everything go, your body will float! Like seriously, please no struggle, no fighting to survive, just keep calm and float around! (don’t expect pixie dust like in Tinker Bell, mother nature is kind enough to gift us to float in the water).

Back to the tip in swimming, I would recommend “floating” to start for a new beginner because once you trust that you won’t sink it, you will have that confident to try to move your body and that will be the next step or your trainer can show you how. With many times of practices, there you go, my newbie swimmer!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 8.27.34 AM

That excitement for my first time backward swim like a mermaid! ^^

At the end, you don’t have a choice but to believe in “if somebody can do it, I can too”. We are the same human being after all.

IMG_7243You will be amazed how things are easier than you thought, or maybe how the impossible is just derive from the word “I’m possible”, who knows?

Summer & Fall

The view from Gonzaga dormitory, Seoul, South Korea.


Ecotourism tour in Korea

5th WSK 1st Camp


23rd & 24th Topik Exam Tips

I have written the tips on my Topik 22nd  exam  here.  However, now I want to make some edition to it because I finally passed the level 3 on the 24th exam. I was so busy with university registration, so postponed my post till today. ^^


22nd  TOPIK exam intermediate level (January, Winter), I was in level 2 at Sogang University Korean Language Education Centre once I took . I confess, I was still lack and I regret that alot. Since I want to start Master Program in March, so I took it, also because of my Chinese classmate in the same level, they did pass level 3. However, I was wrong~

23rd TOPIK exam intermediate level (April, Spring), I was in level 3, which mean I’m suppose to at least got it, but I still can not. The main reason is:

– I haven’t prepared (just tried to read my level 4 text book 2 weeks before and done few sample test). In contrast, Topik exam is different, the vocab that came out was not mainly in my Sogang text book.

-Also the grammar in level 3 & 4 text book still not enough. ( I refer to the part 어휘-문법 section, specifically, choosing the right use of grammar 1 out of 4 that was wrong 밑줄 친 부분이 맞는 것을 고르십시요, because there are lots of grammar form I’ve never seen, so how am I suppose to choose the correct one?)

-Timing: I was in rush to copy my answer since I busy reading so detailed in the writing section  and my writing was so bad because I was still low in using diverse structure form.

-Listening was fine, but reading (No comment). I lost focus as of the people around caught a cold, so they can’t sneeze around and moved around so much. And how about vocab? I have no idea what that reading exam was about. Totally Blank! Eventually, 40,000won was wasted again!


24th TOPIK exam intermediate level (July, Summer),I remind myself ” I MUST PASS ” otherwise I can not receive scholarship anymore (Go back Home?) since I have nothing even Topik level 2 or level 1. I was never felt that panic, what should I do? How can I pass? It’s not easy! (ㅠ___ㅠ)

So I have around 1 month to fully prepared for it, but I found myself I just tried hardest once the exam getting close. Throughout my 2 times failure experience I made some change to my mistakes. For those who do not have much time to prepare. Here are the tips.

New edition to previous tips on 22nd Topik exam. In italic letter is the one I just edited after I pass level 3.

1st 90 min – Grammar & Writing

1-Memorize Variety of Vocab If you do not have time,  just memorize those always spotted  (the common vocab)

I would like to recommend buying Topik sample test book (Just 1 or 2). Of course it’s free to do online, but I think online is better with practicing or test your score and getting new common vocab. With book, you can note, feel close, and get back to your note anytime. Do your wrong practiced exam again at anytime. It’s good for memorize words and things. Though, if you are the hard-working student, using online sample test and note down vocab also works well. Since people have different technique and their comfort zone, you better choose what you feel comfort about. My friend he is an IT guide, so he feel comfort about learning via soft copy, but for me book are more comfy.

2-Timing (So encouraged)

Set the time to how many minutes you want to spend on each section, and of course do not forget the time for copy the answer to your answer sheet. ( or time copy out your answer to check it later after the exam, if you want)

3- Don’t miss any question 

Again, the writing test in the “Filling Blank” section, my friend told me, they can’t finish, that’s a BIG mistake. In TOPIK that part got lots of points ( I can say, it can be a pass or fail section) if you got lot of score out of this part , you have a high chance to pass. So, please don’t miss it. It’s a very difficult part, but if you don’t know what to fill, you can just fill whatever you think it fit (if don not have time , screen the  whole text and scan the1 or 2 sentence, it’s usually is the main idea, then pick up 2 or 3 main words from there) cos they gonna give the score from 1-6 if you got something correct.

4- Grammar

Korean Grammar for International Learners, Yonsei University Press, By Ihm Ho Bin, Hong Kyung Pyo, Chang Suk In. It’s around 442 pages in English. Price: 14,000won.

As I mentioned above, many times I failed because of grammar, So I committed myself to finish this book before taking exam and it’s very helpful even if there are lots of grammar not came out in TOPIK but I felt more confident  when it come to this section 밑줄 친 부분이 맞는 것을 고르십시요. And I got 83 points in grammar section as a result. My highest score!^^

2nd sesssion, Listening and Reading

1- Read the instruction carefully (encouraged)

My friend still have difficulty in identifying what the question want us to choose. It’s very distractive. A tip here, Do the sample test often, you will overcome it.

2- Quickly scan the 4 choices answer before you listen (Keep the same tip)

I found that they gave us too little time to spend on screening the answer before hand, which for me, it’s quite difficult to choose. Which different from reading  section , that I mostly screen the the answer before reading the text, so I can stop at the point related to the question. So you must act fast and read fast!!

3- Imagine right

Please clearly differentiate between “Choosing the correct part” and “Choosing the main idea”. 

4- Vocab again

My friend told me to read the prefix and suffix, so we can at least know some new word that distracting us. I did learn, but still I can’t understand the whole reading section.

5- What if I understand nothing??

My friend told me there is this tip. Usually the very last 50-60 question in reading always difficult, time also constraint, many vocab we don’t understand, so they just choose 1 single number they like, example if you like number 4, just fill the answer from  50-60 all are number 4, by doing this at least you got 2 answer correct. Since it’s random. For me, I think he was right because I didn’t know this technique I use my poor brain to identify those complicated vocab and I got 2 out of 10 last question corrected, and I spent so much time. (ㅠ__ㅠ)


That’s it! I hope it will be useful to those who will taking TOPIK exam, Fighthing!!

Super Junior “Mr. Simple”

SJ rock Kpop world again. ^^

 Source: Allkpop

110,000 Seoulites Use Swimming Pools in Riverside Parks

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government a total of 110,000 people have used swimming pools in parks close to the Hangang River since their opening on July 1.

Swimming pool in Ttukseom Hangang Park

The riverside parks are regarded as a pleasant environment for rest and relaxation for families. The pools, which are divided into pools for adults, youngsters and infants, provide a refreshing view of the Hangang River at reasonable rates.

Swimming pool in Yeouido Hangang Park

Visitors can choose the swimming pool or water fun facility that suits their needs, and have a great time near their homes without having to travel far.

Water fun facility in Nanji Hangang Park

Rates for the swimming pools are 3,000 won (for children), 4,000 won (for teenagers), and 5,000 won (for adults). Rates for water fun facilities are 1,000 won (for children) 2,000(for teenagers) and 3,000 (for adults). Children aged 6 and under are admitted free of charge.

The facilities are open every day until August 28, from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Parking fees are discounted by 50% for users of the facilities. However, it is recommended that visitors use public transportation, as the parking lots are crowded.

Experience Korea via Real Touch Korea Application

Do you ever want to make a Buzz on something, but do not know what about?

iBuzz Korea! How about you?

Lately, Buzz Korea just launched the new application name “Real Touch Korea Application” which you can enjoy reading various fact stories related to Korea with beautiful pictures and relaxed music theme sound playing along while discovering new amazing places which you will definitely mark it in your travel-lists, and more amazingly you also can enjoy special activities that you have never expected, but it is totally in there. And it is not all done here yet, the  secret locked boxes are worth your time to continue reading the whole  stories in order to unlock them (shhh.. it reveals Korean’s Secret).

Do you ever curious in something about Korea, but prefer not to ask? Or have no one to ask? For example: Why this/that is being famous? How to make this/that?  What is the history of this/that? You can find some answers from  “Real Touch Korea Application” with an enjoyable way while discovering new fact as if you are REALLY being there, in that place, in Korea.

I bet you gonna enjoy the app as much as I do. Here are some highlight of the amazing facts that surprised me once I used “Real Touch Korea Application” .

1. The 4 Seasons at Mt. Seoraksan

I know Mt. Soeraksan is famous for its view, I thought it’s only in Autumn but it is not. With Touch Korea, I feel like I was standing there on the top of the mountain and enjoying myself with changing leaves due to the changing season. And those voice of nature make it the best. While, reality I am still in front of my laptop. Thus, Mt. Soeraksan is on my travel list now, and this time no matter what season it is.

2. Make a wish on Korea’s Dolharubang

This is my 2nd favorite stories from Touch Korea. Last month, I have been to Jeju island and really fall in love with the beauty of the island and also fall in love with him, grandfather statue “Dolharubang”. Here and there across the whole island you can see him with different kind of expression. However, I have no knowledge that rubbing have nose while make a wish. So I feel so regret that I have not done that. Only hope I can go there again~

3. Perform Korea’s Gayageum

Last year I learned Arirang song and watched many performance that use this Gayageum as music background. This year I watch the drama “You’ve fallen for me” and the main actress play this  Gayageum as well. I am so impressed and also wish to try it, and here at Touch Korea I can play it anytime. So comfy.

4. Hongdae Club Dance

Hongdae is called as the area where there are many youthful clubs. Even if I do not know much about club, but I was amazed to see in Touch Korea  they also teach how to do beautiful club dance for lady. It is very impressive that I must have to give myself a try.

So what is Buzz Korea?

Korean Tourism Organization have created a new webpage named Buzz Korea which is a campaign to promote Korea via social networking like Facebook, Twitter, QQ, etc. The page covered with many resourceful information regarding Korea with the main aim of 4Cs, which stand for “CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, CAPTIVATE, and CREATE”. Various interesting topics starting from food, fashion, festival, seasons, entertainment, etc no matter where it happens, are all in there. At the same time you can also feel the actual Korea via reading the blog from people across the globe expressing their point of view and their very own experiences in Korea as well.

Then why not sharing your own story there, so it can be read? As for me, I am very enjoying reading news from other while sharing mine, even if it is not a big deal to everyone, but it is from my own pleasure of life in Korea and by doing this I can also document my own world of happiness as well.

You can visit the link below:

Real Touch Korea: http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/eng_banner.php

Buzz Korea: http://ibuzzkorea.com/eng/buzz.php

Sunflower Festival, Gangwon-do, Korea

I scrolled around Naver blog and found this amazing festival. Just go to their website I already feel relaxed with the beauty and calmness of the nature covered by millions of sunflowers. I really want to go there, but since it still raining lately, I might have to be more patience.

The festival starts from 2011/07/30 ~ 2011/08/28  in Guwau Village (구와우마을) located in Hwangyeon-dong, Taebaek-si City (in Gangwon-do). We can enjoy the nature and taking picture at the beautiful yellow sunflowers field and attending other events over there as well.

You can find out more detail from the below web:




Get Dirty, but a Glowing Skin for Summer in Korea

Have you ever heard of Boryeon  Mud Festival in Korea? It sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Despite the fact that the mud looks dirty and grubby, Boryeon Mud are believed to turn the skin glower.  Mud at the beaches near Boryeong  has various mineral components that promote beautiful skin. Heavy metals were not detected after specimen analysis and it has a great effect on preventing skin aging through lubrication and tightening. ^^ Therefore, year by year many internationals tourists came to spend their summer holiday not only to get themselves dirty, but also to enjoy many various events as well at Boryeon Mud Festival, which held every year in Mid-July.

You can see how excited we was by seeing the picture below! Enjoy! ^^

My friends. ^^

This year there were so many people, so we have to wait in row to enjoy the mud slide!

Sink yourself in the mud or bright color are not allowed. It’s very playful!:)

Shower yourself in mud pooooooooooool!! Yohooooo!!

Get together and play the game in mud!!!

You can enjoy with family, friends, or couple! let’s dance!! kekeke

The crowed.

There were also other activities around the playground. Korean traditional performance.

Security stuff.

Tired?? Why don’t you get yourself some Korean Ramyeon ? 🙂

Corn also taste nice! Oh, you also can buy some Mud made cosmetics product as well.

I got some mud hand cream as a souvenir, it smell very nice.

*Credit photo to my friend “Jun Huang”

Recommend: Buy the plastic Camera cover over there in case you wanna take pic while playing mud. ^^

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For furthur reading of the event you can check here:


For how the skin brighter by Mud Products:


For promotional Video


I bet you gonna love it. As for me, I think of changing my plan to visit my homeland in August, so I can go to enjoy Mud Festival next year again. Heheh.