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September Her

After my two weeks trip to Korea, I got back to catch up with the girl that I missed the most during my visit and that is no other than my beautiful- Kagna! The time I stepped my feet on a taxi at Sinchon, the great memories of her walking with me holding each other, laughing about whatever stories we talked about with a big shopping bag from that mart probably just some mushroom and shrimps for our dinner Tumyum? or maybe just a uniqlo shirt that we got on sales? Giggling with endless stories about life in general, family, study, friends, or just simply enjoying each other company. And then the image of that one night, me and her with a group of our Sogang families crossing that street light at Sinchon exit 1 pointing out to that Naturr ice-cream store, introducing the neighborhood to our guests who came from other province of South Korea, and wrapped up a night at the house packed with so many Cambodian and  endless conversation up till morning. It was, after all, the great memories to remember for life.


When life isn’t about anything with our decision alone, to have someone stay with you no matter what is not easy either. This is why I am so grateful that (like many of my friends who are not mentioned here) one day I met her and, she decided to stay. We have been through so many things together but with her openness and caring attitude, together we made this friendship stronger. So today, we met again and I secretly smiled because I missed her. I couldn’t pluck up my courage to express the feeling with words but I was indeed happy. While she talked about her life in general, I was filled with happiness because she is doing great, work, life, family…all great! And yes, of course, I do not need to worry about her because with her personality and willing to work hard, she can success in everything she chooses. September is approaching and September called “Kagna” in Cambodian language and every start of September, I always remind myself of how lucky I am to have a friend like her!

Oops! Forgot that now it’s still August! ^^

Upcoming Miracle


This week, Cambodia Students Association in Korea (CSA-K) members have teamed up to work for something AWESOME again. I’m not gonna reveal what it is, so you gotta stay tuned for the next update. So tricky, right? Yeah, I know!

Then, what will this post be about? hmm…how about reading my impressions on something beside the “official discussion”?

I’m super excited that we got another big project to handle again this time. It reminds me of the early day when CSA-K was just a small group of people working informally with the aim of strengthening networks of Khmer students in South Korea. However, surprisingly, last year we had done so many amazing activities that lead us to expand and  reach 1000+ likes on our facebook fan page today. Behind these smiling faces on the above photo, there are more beautiful hearts Cambodians who are willing and voluntarily spent their times and efforts to make CSA-K projects successfully achieved its goals and ultimately fulfilled its visions. I am so thrilled and excited at the same time that another big miracle gonna happen again.


We Found Love- Lindsey Stirling- VenTribe

I came across this vdo because I love Lindsey Stirling. I felt so inspired, the whole vdo brought me a new concept of life, smile, and more about African kids. They so adorable and I changed the whole view that Africa is a sad place. But Africa is a beautiful place and their beautiful people. Seeing the vdo, it reminds me of my own childhood, playing with tire, smile at the camera, and camera is amazing, and of course never not to forget the awkward feeling being with a foreigner. As for now, my life is better and better, so it time I should help those in need, I wish I could be able to volunteer, share and do like Lindsey and the team sometimes in life. It will be another little  moment of happiness.^^

The Globalization of World Politics

Well I have to do my homework on this book and I’m also about to have mid-term soon next week. Since I have no feeling to do it, though, let’s talk about it here for a while. The book is totally about IR, I’m not an IR major and I don’t think I’m good at it, but I feel like I am sometimes interest in this. Well, not totally, but occasionally. Maybe because it covers the topics that I should have known, though complicated but it’s good to know. Plus I feel I can get it fast than any other courses, and I don’t know why either. Since it is the mandatory course, there are lots of work to do with it. We have 2 comment papers, 1 presentation, every week 1 page summary, and mid-term & final exam. That’s tough, right? Let’s see how I can reach beyond my O.K plateau.

MT to Daebudo for Paintball Game

Even we so busy with our spring semester, we didn’t miss the MT. Of course, for the main reason of getting to know each other closely and enjoying time together, in Korea, people have the culture of going to MT which stands for “Membership training”. If you tell your friend you will go the MT, the first thing they came up with is definitely drinking, BBQ, playing various Korean MT game till morning, (of course, no sleep), and having big bowl of noodle in the morning, and at the end, sleeping the bus on the way back home (while knowing someones’ name back as well).

Paintball game (Black Team)

Before going to battle field and fight . haha

Daebudo took around 1 hour from Seoul, and it’s a very good place for MT because it has lots of outdoor activities, 1st is the paintball game, hilltop pension, seafood, and riding along the coast with various vehicle (ATV, Motocycle, …and some more I don’t know the name). Especially Saturday is crowed by students joining the MT.

ATV ride

My Course Schedule for Spring

My 2nd semester will start soon. I have classes for full week. And yeah.. have many reasons to decide like this. Master course in Korea, need at least 45 credits include thesis writing. Students need to work very hard or can be said, no more social life, otherwise, your scores will be worse. For my case, I can have a long vacation 5 months per year, but for my friends who studies science, they have labs which means vacation in a year is around 2 weeks long and also their working hours should be from morning till night to be able to get home. However, to get one thing you have to lost one thing, and you have to choose for a better good or future good or whatever your priority or value that you give to.

Before starting semester, students have to register course, we must be quick and ready. Search for all info we need about the course and professor (quality, workload, and especially how prof. grade us), some professor  can be torturing on grading but some give us chance to get up even if we fail the mid-term, and some look more on our participation in class, and some are just paper based performance. Therefore, junior students seek for their senior to get recommendation about courses and professor. See? If one prof. is loved by many students the next generation will be queue up to study with him/her, while the classroom size is limited, course registration should be a quick as lightening.

From this semester on, I will have 3 days, while Thursday are count to work on assignment from school, I no longer a free spirit students. However, I’m glad for that because I can concentrate more and working harder than before. (Every student always have this feeling before semester starts . lola)

수강 신청 Course Registration Period


When I study Korean Language, we did not do any course registration at all. However, we did study of how Korean student suffer during the course registration. I came up with this topic because now I am in the process of registering course for my 2nd semester at Sogang Univ. I will update more abt it tomorrow. (No battery now)

Sth Mysterious

Lately, It seems like I’m crazy with blogging, yes.. study time is over, I have plenty of hang out and eating while bring back lots of lots of photo and yeah of course, also wanna fulfill my absent from the suffering semester by posting as much as I can. lolz.  The above picture is new trend I got from my Chinese classmate, she also have this kind of style whenever she hang out. Maybe you can give yourself a try, somehow it look funny to me, though not really artistic one.

Exam Fever

Last time when I was study Korean language, we also have exam, but it not too serious like at grad school. Recently, I can feel the exam fever, and I bet you dont want to try it at all (me too, if I have other choice). Let me explain to those who doesn’t know about exam fever in Korea.

There are two phases, 1st is the mid-term, which start around 2nd week of October, however, some students (or new student like myself) might mistakenly did not take it as serious at all, therefore, once the the 2nd and big phase “THE FINAL”, which usually start from 2nd week December, comes we are all nervous and panic and completely feel the exam fever.

Those who were playful in the mid-term might end up the bad result, and eventually, they have to try all their effort on the final exam. As can be seen, many coffee shop are full with student studying, the 열람실 (a room where there are free spaces for student to do self-learning) are packs with people even at very late night, and the last one is library ( but I dont have to explain since you can imagine).

The amazing fact is many Korean guys are studying very hard, I can hardly found girl (very rare compared to guys) at the study room. Maybe those guys fail their mid-term or maybe girl do not like to stay and study at the study room? I do not find out the reason behind this yet, but it’s truly surprised me!

As for  myself, I became like one of them (oh! no! not yet fully one, just 1/3 of them) because I can’t stay all night at the study room and sometimes, I can’t spend the whole day to study, I always got stressed up and end up checking FB or posting blog. To sum up, I’m not completely head to heel for studying! My bad!

This is how it like? lolzz

For my own view, final exam at univ for Korean students might not be as serious as entrance exam. However, the fever is really tough! Do you wanna try? Come to Korea. ^^

A lecture representative of Mitsubishi

My GSIS family after the special lecture class