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Countdown from KTO Tips

Recommended places to celebrate the year’s end

December is a month of both remembrances of the passing year and expectations for the New Year. Couples recollect memories together and whisper promises for the days ahead, friends regret getting older but celebrate the good times spent together, and others pray for their family’s health as the New Year’s sun rises. The year-end season in Korea is filled with happy energy. Read on to choose the best place to spend the few remaining days of the year with your loved ones.

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2011 Seoul Photo Festival


Photo Exhibitions Open throughout Seoul for One Month

For the entire month of November, the Seoul Photo Festival will be held at 30 different art venues, museums and galleries located throughout Seoul. This year’s festival will feature photographs of both internationally famous photographers, as well as photographers who are up-and-coming in Korea.

  • Baek, Seung-wu “Archive project-#001”

  • Bak, Seung-hun “TEXTUS # 042-1”

  • Thomas Wrede “Football Pitch”

  • Erwin Olaf “Hope, the Hallway”
    Venue:      Seoul Museum of Art (Seosomun Main Bldg․Gyeonghuigung Annex) in addition to 30 other art venues                             throughout Seoul
    Address:   37 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
    Phone:       02-120
    Date(s):     2011-11-02 ~ 2011-11-30
    Time(s):    Seosomun Main Bldg. (10 a.m. – 8 p.m.) Gyeonghuigung Annex.(10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) Closed on Mondays

2011 Seoul Lantern Festival

Enjoy Dazzling Displays of Color and Light at the 2011 Seoul Lantern Festival!

The 3rd annual Seoul Lantern Festival will be held from November 4th to November 20th this year at Cheonggyecheon (Stream), starting with a lighting ceremony at Cheonggye Plaza.

With the theme of “Stories of Seoul’s Past through Lanterns”, this year’s festival will highlight Seoul’s long history and many traditions. This year visitors will also get to enjoy twice as many lanterns as last year, with the lantern exhibition starting at Cheonggye Plaza and stretching all the way to Gwansugyo (Bridge).

Highlights of the festival will include an 18-meter lantern tunnel made up of over 3,000 cheongsachorong (traditional Korean lanterns with a red-and-blue silk shade); a 1/2 scale model lantern of Namdaemun Gate; a lantern of Seoul’s mascot, Haechi; lanterns that offer glimpses into traditional Korean life; and lanterns of popular animated characters including Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Robot Taekwon V. Lanterns from the annual lantern contest will also be featured, along with small-scale lanterns from 20 different countries, including lanterns from the Japanese cities and prefectures of Goshogawara, Aomori and Yuzawa.

This year’s festival will also be hosting a variety of experience programs at Gwanggyo Gallery, starting on November 5th. Programs will include lantern making and other crafts.

Busan, Jinju, Gimhae attract tourists with festivals this autumn

The Cities of Busan, Jinju, and Gimhae in Gyeongsangnamdo (South Gyeongsang Province) are welcoming visitors with various festivals this autumn.

Some of the must-see festivals in the region include the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, the Busan Jagalchi Festival and the Buncheong Ceramics Festival of Gimhae.

* Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival (October 1-12) 

“Yudeung” means lanterns floating on the water. The tradition of Yudeung began in Jinju following the Jinjuseong Battles in 1592 during Imjinwaeran (Japanese invasion) of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). When Jinju Castle was under siege, Joseon General Kim Si-min (1554-1592) with his 3,800 soldiers defended against a force of Japanese troops 30,000-strong.

After the battle, residents began to float lanterns on the river to honor the deceased and wish for peace and prosperity of home and nation. To reflect the long history of the city, Jinju has been holding the festival as a symbol of royalty and wishing.

This year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected this festival as one of the greatest festivals in the country. To mark the ministry’s appointment, this year’s festival will showcase new features to delight festival-goers.

For this year’s festival, the organizing committee will introduce a newly built bridge linking Jinju Castle and a musical water fountain so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lanterns in various shapes and colors while walking around the event venue. The festival will also showcase an exhibition themed on the evolution of light at the castle.

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://www.yudeung.com/10E_index.php) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).

* Busan Jagalchi Festival (October 12-16)

Busan will attract seafood lovers this month as the Busan Jagalchi Festival will be held from October 12 to 16 at Jagalchi Market, the largest seafood market in Korea and one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the city. The festival program includes four categories — opening events, experience programs, food auction, and the market, not to mention cultural events like performances and exhibits.

The festival will begin with “yongsinje” (a traditional shamanistic ritual to celebrate the opening of the festival), and “gilnori” (street parade).

As the Busan International Film Festival will also be ongoing until October 14, visitors can enjoy both seafood as well as movies from 70 countries.


Busan Jagalchi Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://www.ijagalchi.co.kr/english.html) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).

* Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival (October 18-23)

Buncheong ceramics are often considered to have a simple and natural beauty unlike Goryeo celadon. From October 18 to 23, the Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival will be held in Songjeong-ri, where the largest potteries in Korea are run.

Visitors can have fun and learn more about the Buncheong wares at the festival, which will be composed of nearly 90 programs in eight categories, including the history of Buncheong ceramics and Buncheong tea wares. People can also make their own Buncheong ceramics and participate in the festival auction.

Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://festival.buncheong.net/index.jsp) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).
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Global Gathering Korea

Reference: www.globalgatheringkorea.co.kr

57th Baekje Cultural Festival

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

With the theme of Water, Fire, Light, and Our Wishes, Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival is the greatest festival organized by Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism. The view is definitely amazing. Beside watching the floating lantern, there are also other interactive activities for tourist as well. Please the highlight schedule below and follow the link to find the detailed program.

A festival of light at the beautiful Namgang River and Jinjuseong Fortress

– Date: October 1 (Sat) ~ 12 (Wed), 2011
– Location: Namgang River, Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province
– Title: Water Fire Light and our Wishes

More info: http://www.yudeung.com


Meeting 2PM & MissA


Meet 2PM and missA!
Apply for Production Presentation of Interactive Movie featuring 2PM and missA and their fan sign meeting!
Interactive movie featuring 2PM and missA!  : At 11am on October 4, 2011, their movie production presentation and fan sign meeting will take place at Lotte Avenuel in Seoul. / buzz KOREA is : offering the following opportunity for ibuzz who love 2PM and missA to participate in the interactive movie production presentation and fan sign meeting.

2011 WeAJa Charity Flea Market

The 7th WeAJa Charity Flea Market will be held on October 16 at the north plaza of the Seoul World Cup Stadium this year. If you want to participate as a vendor, fill out the application and send it tochrismo07@sba.seoul.kr. Confirmation of your application and other important notices will be notified you via email before October 13th.

–      When: October 16 (Sunday), 2011, 12:30-16:30

–      Where: North Plaza of the Seoul World Cup Stadium

(Get off at the World Cup Stadium Station (subway line 6) and get out of exit 2 or 3.)

–      Who can join: Any international residents in Seoul

–      Sponsored by: The Beautiful Store and We Start, a charity organization run by Seoul Metro
Government and the Joongang Media Network

※ WeAJa is an annual charity flea market that Joongang Media Network has been organizing since 2005. This event is a place where you can practice recycling and sharing the love by helping neighbors in need with donations.

Traditional events welcome Chuseok holiday

 Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/art/2011/09/135_94401.html

The National Theater of Korea will hold a special festival for Chuseok on Sept. 12 with a variety of events and food. Bottom, traditional singer Go Geum-seong, left, and singer and actress Oh Jeong-hae will perform at a gugak (Korean traditional music) concert at the National Museum of Korea on Sept. 12.

/ Courtesy of National Theater of Korea and National Museum of Korea

By Chung Ah-young

As Chuseok holiday starts this weekend, people are busy preparing to visit their hometowns, turning the hustle-and-bustle of Seoul into a ghost town. But those who stay in the city don’t have to feel empty as there are diverse cultural programs taking place while everyone is away.

The National Folk Museum of Korea is holding a “hangawi” (harvest moon) multicultural festival titled “Round and Round” through Sept. 13.

The festival offers more than 40 participatory programs, including a food-making opportunity, folk performances of five countries, multicultural exhibitions, and traditional craft-making and folk games.

Designed to draw more participation from multicultural families from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Mongolia and Thailand the special festival aims to boost reciprocal understanding and cultural exchange.

Foreign students coming from various fields such as art, sports, media and tourism will make three-colored “songpyeon” (Korean rice cake) and “baesuk” (Korean pear punch) at the cooking class for foreign students on Sept. 8-9.

From Sept. 10 to 13, visitors can take part in diverse folk games such as “tuho” (a arrow throwing game), a hoop game, “jegichagi,” a kicking shuttlecock game, make handcrafts with “hanji” (Korean paper), make “sotdae” (a tall pole with a carved bird on its top), make traditional masks and draw folk paintings or play a bamboo vertical flute.

Particularly, Korean visitors can taste international cuisines such as Vietnamese rice wraps, Chinese Zong Zi (lotus leaf wrap of sweet rice), Japanese mitarashidango (rice dumplings and sweet sauce), and Philippine Biko (sweet rice with coconut milk) for only 1,000 won at the multicultural culinary booth. Admission is free. For more information call             (02) 3704-3122       or visit http://www.nfm.go.kr.

The National Museum of Korea will provide a gugak (Korean traditional music) concert at the Plaza of the museum on Sept. 12 to mark the big Korean traditional holiday.

Yeomin, a traditional pops orchestra consisting of 33 members, singer and actress Oh Jeong-hae, traditional bamboo flutist Han Chung-eun and singer Go Geum-seong will perform a diverse music repertoire in a 90-minute concert. Oh known as the heroine of the film “Seopyeongje” and Yeomin will perform “Taepyeongga,” “Miryang Arirang” and “Float the Boat.” The orchestra will present not only traditional Korean music but also pop songs and famous film soundtracks. Admission is free. For more information call             (02) 2077-9000       or 1544-5955 or visit http://www.museum.go.kr.

The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) will open the four major royal palaces — Deoksu, Changgyeong, Changdeok and Gyeongbok — on Chuseok Day, which falls on Sept. 12 and hold cultural events there.

Part of the main event is a traditional folk song concert on Sept. 12-13 in front of Jeukjojeon of Deoksu Palace while a photo event will take place on Sept. 12 in front of Tongmyeongjeon of Changgyeong Palace. In Changdeok Palace, a nighttime event will invite some 100 Korean visitors on Sept. 12 and 100 foreigners on Sept. 13 to diverse programs such as traditional performances, with walking and lighting events. Applicants can make reservations at http://www.chf.or.kr.

The National Gugak Center will present a special performance “Yeonhui, Let’s Play 2” by its resident folk troupe on Sept. 8-9 and “Hangawi: Welcome to the First Full Moon” on Sept. 12-13.

“Yeonhui, Let’s Play 2” is an annual series by the center which reconstitutes “pungmul nori,” folk music accompanied by percussion instruments. This year, the piece reinterprets the drum dances originating from Daegu and “mueul nongak” or farmers’ music, which are the main features of the traditional music performances in Gyeongsang Provinces. On the outdoor stage, 14 drums will resonate along with a shamanist performance. Human treasure Kim Soo-ki will perform a shamanist ritual praying for peace and safety for people. Admission is free. For more details, visit http://www.gugak.go.kr.

“Hangawi: Welcome to the First Full Moon” is based on the Bongsan Mask Dance (Intangible Cultural Asset No. 17) and comprised of five sections — opening; “chaekgeori” (after-reading activities) and palanquin fights; pungmul madang; group dances; and drum dances — which are full of humor. The performance will be delivered through a story of an old man’s journey around the nation. Tickets cost 10,000 won. For more information call             (02) 580-3300      . On the outdoor stage, various folk games and programs to experience traditional aspects of the holiday will take place.

The National Theater of Korea will hold a special festival for Chuseok on Sept. 12 with a variety of events and food. The program includes a “ssireum” (Korean wrestling) bout hosted by Park Kwang-deok, a traditional wrestler and entertainer, who will also award prizes to the winners.

The Dongchun Circus, the nation’s oldest and most popular acrobatic troupe, will entertain visitors at the finale of the festival. Other folk games along with various foods can also be enjoyed. For more information, call (02) 2280-4115-6.