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Start-Up Entrepreneurship Education Training’11

Aw…I have a lot to write! ^^ It’s a 4 days training which in sort, I got brain washed from a normal university student to think back of my country needs while using business to help.

Here are some highlight how we learnt through this training. ( I normally write about the process of how thing happen step by step day by day, but I think this one are not as important as what I have changed my mind after the training), so please enjoy the reading.


Professor George Kim, He never lost a smile ^^

1st day, we met up and divided into 9 people per 6 group, the main task is just to think of the product detail that your own community need with entrepreneur view (innovative and helpful to social benefit). My team has 1 from Cambodia, 3 from China, 1 from Afghanistan, 1 Italy, 1 Turkmenistan, 1 Uzbekistan, 1 Kazakhstan (Maybe).  We had no background about each other, but the workshop brought us all together, and we have to go on one direction together, but that is the main problem. The first day, we contrast the idea, however, somehow we just manage it right. However, it was the most hard time ever! International work is not easy, though I have some field background, but still it difficult to persuade people that we never know. I have no idea to which industry type that needed to develop Cambodia, but come to think of it, I need to know more of my country.

My Team 2 (2 more girls coming)

Our program helpers sang their unity song

2nd day, of course we have very good instructors to give lecture before we start to work step by step in our project, Mr. Kim who have already start up 7 companies in US never lost a smile to share up experiences and ideas. Mr. Lee who raised in US push our spirit up from a lazy morning session by have way too attractive of marketing explanation. Finance and Business law also played the rules. I studies business for almost 5 years, but here those who has no background need to study only 4 days to make business plan. That’s ridiculous, but somehow, those people I talked above are starting to change their perception of studying and look back to find their community needs.

Round Table discussion


5 mins for Q & A session

3rd we can see people look tired and sleepless, their panda eyes show that they didn’t have enough sleep due to their responsibility in the team. We have our own job in our business plan, we all want to win the business plan competition which is held on the 4th day as formal and professional as we could. Ideas changes, assistant seeked, advises here and there,  then the time for rehearse presentation began. Nervous as usual, Time managing as we can, presenting our project plan. Other team also made lots of improvement, not only idea, but ppt, and presentation skill.

4th day that we all waited for arrived, we dressed up as businessman and women, team leaders were panic, as we already tried to bring the 4 sections of business ( Company, Marketing, Finance, Plan), we tried to impress our creative idea to our future investors, the clock was ticking, but who care, we all are well trained for 3 days already.

My team won the 2nd place (but I can’t tell what topic we proposed since those business ideas are creative enough that needed IPR, otherwise, people might grabs it for their own good)

For more info of the program please like their facebook page: Here

I think this kind of program will be held annually for foreign student in Korea, but last time it was also held in Cambodia, but as far as I know, there might be one in Kenya or the country in Africa next year.

International Student Forum

Source: http://global.seoul.go.kr/

The Seoul Global Center would like to invite you, both international and Korean students, to become members of the Seoul International Student Forum(SISF). Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and issues of concern regarding life in Seoul, as well as the opportunity to present your ideas to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Who is eligible?
– International students enrolled in BA·MA·PHD, Korean language programs in universities in Seoul.
– Korean(BA·MA·PHD) university students in Seoul

※ Applicants must be able to participate throughout June-August

How to join?
1. Recruitment start around April and at the latest ends in May.

※ If you want to apply after the application period is over, you need to contact the person in charge directly.

2. Please download an application form from http://global.seoul.go.kr under the “SGC programs” section.

3. Send it to sgc.sisf@gmail.com

( After we process your applicaion, an interview schedule will be sent to successful applicants, via e-mail.)

What are the activities?
– Workshop: overnight retreat

– Policy Proposal Contest: “Seoul I propose…”

( Most importantly, the ‘end-product’ of the forum is to have each group of students propose constructive

ideas to the city of Seoul as well as participate in the execution of such ideas.)

– Official visits: DMC(Seoul Digital Media City), Sky Park, TOPIS and Hangang Project headquarters

– Volunteering at Children’s Centers

– Cultural Activities: Visiting Blue House and the National Assembly building, appearing on KBS’s hit TV program Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies(미녀들의 수다), group workshops, etc.

* Activity programs are subject to change.

What are the benefits?
– Members will receive an official certificate of participation from the Mayor of Seoul

– Policy proposals may be introduced on various media sources

– Members will tour organizations affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government

– Various networking opportunities and increased exposure to other SGC and Seoul Metropolitan Government’s programs

– Most of all, you will have fun while we take you on special tours and activities that will make your life in Seoul more enjoyable.

Further Information
– Contact: Yu Hwa Jang

– Phone:  02-2075-4112

– Fax: 02-723-3206

– Email: sgc.sisf@gmail.com




Khmer Session for Korean Volunteer Students

Several weeks ago, we been helping some Korean Students who will go to do there volunteer work in Cambodia. They are very curious about Cambodia and are eagerly to see and spending some fun time with Cambodian kids. Many enjoying program are being prepared now. ^^ Oh.. and here is the story.

My Korean brother has volunteered in Cambodia for around 1 year, therefore he still knows some basic communication. Since there is the new group of students who will go to volunteer more, the organizer opened a session regarding Cambodia and have each students presenting separately about Cambodia. So my brother will helping them to learn how to speak Khmer and it will be even more effective if there are native Cambodian help the event. So me and my friends offered a help by joining this session and teach them some basic. It was a very interesting experience. ^^

At first we were so panic once seeing they are older than us, but most of them are really friendly that we no longer feel afraid. After the presentation we together went to enjoy dinner and back to class to have a final discussion and photo shooting. The final discussion is the most interest part of all because I and my friends really really want to interact closer to those beautiful and handsome Korean students, hehehe.. .and then here we’ve got the chance.  There are 3 Cambodian, so we divided into 3 group with 10 Korean students each. I’m really thankful to my little Korean language knowledge that I no longer need to use much English this time and enjoyed very well with them.

There are English teaching group and art group, they are gonna teach Cambodian kids to get more knowledge about this two theme via playing game. Therefore, before they play what kind of game with a kid they need to know if it suitable or not since its culture differences, some games might not be effective. and I was very happy that I can offer a great help. Ah.. and the most funny part is they asked us to give their new Cambodian name. To our surprised, these 3 Cambodian girls can’t find anything more better than their beautiful friends name and the most popular singers or people in Cambodia. Yeah.. they really enjoy it so much. But I’m so sorry as well for those who doesn’t like their name, but come on!  We dont have much time to give a meaningful name to 10 people in just a second like this. Sorry!

The communication went very well and we became friends even after the session. This is how life carry us.

마음이 열다 보면 생활을 익숙할 거예요.^^

Please enjoy the slideshow of the event below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ah.. there also a memorable thing for me, it was when we all finished and saying good bye to each other, I walked to the door before my friend and unfortunately she stepped on my shoes, and it teared apart. Everyone so worried how I can go home with one part of shoes, but they helped me with a taped so I can use the broken shoes for a while. It’s such an embarrassing and funny moment that they can’t help it not to take picture of that.  My dear shoes!! ㅠㅠ

Hyundai Global Friendship Tour 2011

Last week, my GSIS department recommend us to join the field trip organized by Hyundai co.  This trip is arranged for the main purpose to help foreign students in Korea to understand more of Korean culture and Korean industry. This year 1,920 of international students involved in regular university degrees are welcomed to join the program. With approximately around 40 students per university. They support everything for the trip including travel insurance and souvenirs, which made the trip even more awesome! I was totally enjoyed!!

Date : May 26th(Thursday)
08:00-08:30 Gather together for trip
08:30-10:30 Move to factory
10:30-10:40 Welcome remarks and introduction video
10:40-11:00 Intro
11:00-12:00 See production line
12:00-12:30 Move to restaurant
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Move to cultural event location
14:30-16:00 Cultural Activities
16:00-18:00 Move to Seoul

At the cultural village, our friendly tour guide show us around, the view of the cultural village. It was a rainy morning, so I can hardly take the beautiful picture at all cos need to carry both the umbrella and stuffs. However, we can’t blame the rain for that because I feel like the nature seems to be very happy with the rain. ^^

The tour management team provided us the raincoat which we transformed into doctor.lolz! Even it’s rain, we still can enjoy the activities that organized for us, like making rice cake, corn cake, visit the village, and attending Korean traditional wedding (which our couple friends transformed into).

My friends, look how happy they are, might be because the meal so delicious.

After lunch, we watched the Korean performance. Traditional songs and music. The singer also asked her to sing along, which made the atmosphere a lot happier. Then, we ended up taking picture, but poor me again, the picture was not really good.. :((…

Then we continue our tour to Hyundai co. to see how the production work. I was really impressed to see the factory for the first time of my life. The machine is everywhere and I rarely see the worker. just 1 here and 1 there in the whole factory. We walk all the way through the corridor to see the process, since the baby car is just a plain steel till the handsome one. Sadly, inside the factory it is prohibited about taking picture, so….After everything set, we also received some gift back home. For the girls backpack and pink hat. For the guys, wallet and blue hat. It was really a great experience ever!!

Reminding of LCIS 2010

Till now, once and whenever I wear my shiny yellow hood down to Cafeteria, some of my friends still wonders ‘Where do I get this hood?” and “What is LCIS?” … Hahah!! It’s so funny cos not only but several students too, has it. So, my friends wondering maybe I have some connection with those students too. And yeah.. because of LCIS, we becoming friends.

That yellow hood I’ve got from a conference that I joined several months now. It’s called “Leadership Conference of International Students”.  It’s still a memory to remember. Today I just found the video summary of our activities.

Let’s enjoy with me.(Note* There are many of my friends appear in here. Also, there is one piece of my face in the middle part of this Vid, don’t miss a chance to see it^^)