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Fantastic Seoul

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Nana’s Hair Dye

Today I’m thinking of dying my hair before new year. Then I scroll around Korean celebrities and got Nana from After School. What do you think ? ^^

YuYuArt’s Korean Dolls

Today I came across a site from Flickr and my heart melt for those cute art from YuYuArt. Please click here to find more of these cute Korean dolls and her artistic design, if you love it too, support her and spread the word. It also a very good gift set. I’m consider these to gift to my friend in Cambodia too.

For order please visit : http://www.etsy.com/shop/yuyuart

Saemungil Road, Walk through History of Seoul

Walking boom in Korea is still hot since the Olle first drew the attention. Once a pretty road is discovered, people get busy in trimming and naming it. There are various roads such as Dulle, Olle, and Nadul. Courses limited to Mt. Jiri and Mt. Bukhan are diversifying to fortress roadside and yellow soil road on barefoot.


<Stone wall of Deoksu palace, the last spot of Saemun road> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

There are some nice road to walk on such as Shinsadong Garosu, Jeongdong, and Samchungdong. However there is a road which is not discovered by many. It is Saemun road. From History museum, Doneuimun to Ganghwamun, you are actually walking on Seoul’s history. Shall we walk?

 Walk on Seoul: Saemun Road 

Saemun is very well-known as “museum” road. It is 1.1 km long from the site of Doneuimun to Ganghwamun. When you walk down the most “Seoulish” road, you will feel what it’s like Seoul. Let’s take a step to the historic sites.
Saemun road starts at Seodaemun which is one of four big gates built during the King Teajo’s period. It was called Doneuimun at that time. However it was closed down due to Pungsu theory. Instead, Seojeonmun was built in the south of Gyeonghee palace. Seojeonmun was also dismantled when fortress was newly built and new gate was stood near Seodaemun. It was named Doneuimun.

<Seoul History museum, starting point of museum tour in Saemun road>

(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

While Korea was under the Japanese rule, Japanese government destructed Seodaemun for “so-called” city planning. They called the inside of Seodaemun as Saemunbak and outside as Saemundong and Saemunan. These names were changed into Seodaemun after independence. Once again, a new name “Saemunan” was given in 2007. However, the road we are walking on is both inside and outside of Saemun road, so the road was named as Saemun rather than Saemun’an’, which means ‘inside’.
There are Chungdong road, Gyeonghui palace road and Naesusa road in both side of Saemun road. Saemun road is large and Chungdong road and Gyeongheui palace road are middle size. You may feel antique style of Saemun road which embraces ancient times and modern times of Seoul city.

 History Museum tour on Saemungil Road

There are various museums on Saemun road such as Seoul History museum, Police Museum, Salvage army history museum, Agriculture Museum, Apenzeller Memorial Museum, Saemunan church history hall and newspaper museum. Museums are located in the road between Seoul history museum and Deoksu palace. Let’s share Seoul history and have fun together!
When you get into the center of Saemun road, you will meet a tram which probably ran once upon a time in Seoul. There is Seoul History museum nearby. The museum displays history, culture and landscape from Joseon dynasty up to now. It has a variety of sources and remains of Seoul. The museum officials study, research, collect and preserve the things of Seoul. They provide many programs to help people understand Seoul even better.

<Inside of Police museum> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Let’s go to Police museum which has a new concept that visitors would have a chance to be the police. The museum provides visitors with exhibition and events of cultural education.
You will meet Agriculture museum which is firstly built and specialized agriculture museum in Korea. It has more than five thousand sources which were collected over two decades. Two thousand sources are on display. Nonghyup Central Association made the museum to preserve a great deal of agricultural heritage.

<Agriculture museum in Saemun road> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Now, let’s move to Jungmyeongjeon. Jungmyeongjeon, which means the “light lasts forever”, was built in 1901 as the royal library. It is the first western style structured architecture which was built when Deoksu palace played a role of Gyeongun palace. It was rent to a foreigner in 1915 and used as Seoul Union until 1960s. It was owned by many different persons but finally sold to Cultural Heritage Administrative. Currently it belongs to Deoksu palace since February 2007.

Let’s go to Apenzeller Memorial Museum. When you go up the hill from Jeongdong Jaeil church to the south, you will find a three-story red brick building, Baejae school. It is small but overwhelming indeed. Baejae school is the first modern education institution in Korea. Baejae was named by King Gojong. It is the only building that still remained, except Deoksu palace. As it is the first “modern” and “private” school, it has lots of sources on education history and modern history of the area. You can experience education history of Korea.

 Another Way to the Saemungil Museum Tour

Leaving Seoul history museum, you’ll arrive at History museum of Salvage Army. The museum was one of ten western style buildings in 1920s and located in headquarter of salvage army. There are many sources on Christianity including their mission work. In addition, you can see the office of early age and have a glimpse of life of salvage army in 1930s. The museum displays old documents and bibles used in early age of salvage army.

 <The first church, Saemunan church> (Source: Yonhap News)

 Let’s go to History museum of Saemunan church. The church was first built as a Presbyterian church in 1887 by evangelist Underwood. He had a praying service regularly at his home and later on it became a church. Unlike churches at that time, his church baptized Korean and appointed church elders. It was truly Korean church so Saemunan church is called a mother of Korean church. Church’s history museum was open in 2003 with a great deal of sources about church. A thousand sources consist of documents, photos and remains. 390 sources are on display in museum. Guinness book of records tell that Saemunan church is the first organized church of Korea. The church is not only meaningful to Christians but also valuable to everyone as cultural heritage of Korea because it affected society of modern age in Korea.

Let’s go to museum of history of monetary system, which is the first museum focused on history of monetary system and opened by Joheung Bank (Present Shinhan Bank) in 1997. You can look through 100 year old history of monetary system. It was year 1997 when commercial bank opened for the first time in Korea. The museum has remains and sources related to monetary system, currency and history of Shinhan Bank. The hall of history of monetary system consists of several sectors helping you look through wave of monetary system such as traditional age, modern age, age of Japanese occupancy and age after liberation. You can see a model of bank of those days.

<Autumn of Doldam road in Deosksu palace> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Isn’t it quite amazing that there are lots of stories within 1.1 km long road? Saemun road waits for you to come to tell you the modern history of Seoul such as modern history of monetary system, Christianity, education and even today’s matter. After looking around museum, listen to the voice of Seoul history on the road of Saemun.

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Top Seoul streets to view scenic fall foliage

Yep, it’s that time of year again — leaves are dying all over the place and everyone can’t wait to go see those last glorious bursts of color.

For all the amateur photographers and romance-hunting couples out there, Seoul’s parks and landscapes department released an official list of the top 80 “most beautiful streets for fall foliage” today.

That makes for 137.69 kilometers of hand-holding while your feet crunch along on a colorful leafy carpet.

“In order to maximize the scenery and romance,” the city announced that workers have been told not to sweep fallen leaves starting today until mid-November, reported Chosun Ilbo.

Among the top recommendations are the paths from Deoksu Palace (덕수궁) to the Kyunghyang Newspaper building, from Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁) to Samcheong Park (삼청공원), and from East Tower (동십자각) in Jongno to Samcheong Tunnel (삼청터널).

For a complete list of all 80 locations (in Korean), click here. 

2011년 아름다운 단풍길(요약)

구별 노선명 비고
종로구 삼청동길, 청계천  
중구 덕수궁길, 훈련원로, 남산 북측순환로, 야외식물원  
용산구 소월길, 이태원로, 남산 남측순환로  
성동구 성동제방, 뚝섬 서울숲  
광진구 능동로, 워커힐길, 광나룻길, 건대회관길, 아차산 오솔길, 어린이대공원(후문진입로, 외곽도로)  
동대문구 회기로, 중랑천 제방길  
중랑구 봉수대공원, 봉수길, 망우산 사색의 길, 망우로87길  
성북구 구민회관길, 월곡동길, 하월곡동길  
강북구 우이천 제방, 인수봉길, 4.19길  
도봉구 중랑천 제방, 노해길, 도봉산길, 마들길  
노원구 화랑로, 한글비석길, 동일로, 간촌서3길  
은평구 진흥로, 증산로  
서대문구 홍제천변길, 안산 산책로  
마포구 난지도길, 월드컵공원(산림욕길, 하늘공원, 평화의공원)  
양천구 느티나무길, 양명길, 단풍길, 신서길  
강서구 우장공원, 방화공원  
구로구 거리공원길, 안양천 산책로, 구일5길  
금천구 벚꽃십리길, 안양천길, 탑골길, 안양천 제방길, 호압사길  
영등포구 여의서로  
동작구 문화길, 보라매공원  
관악구 낙성대길, 관악로, 관악산, 장원길  
서초구 태봉로, 양재천, 문화예술공원  
강남구 양재천길, 가로수길  
송파구 위례성길, 송파나루공원  
강동구 고덕동길, 게내길, 강동대로, 동남로  
서울대공원(과천) 하마사~남미관, 호주관뒤~산림전시관뒤 외곽순환도로  

< 2011년 아름다운 단풍길 대상지 사진  >

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정


서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

Shopping in Seoul

I don’t have to ask “Girls, do you enjoy shopping?” Then, South Korea might be one of your choice.^^

In Cambodia, there are several big department stores, but common people tend to enjoy eye shopping, while buying clothes at the traditional or general market since the price is quite cheaper. However, recently young teenagers are likely to change their taste due to Korean wave and many of them tend to find their shopping interest at the mall or big department store.  If talking about “Luxury Brand Clothes or Bags or Shoes”, there are still a limitation in Phnom Penh because it is only caught the niche market which mostly to people in high ranking position or family. However, still several brands are surviving in Cambodia.

One, among many other of my interest regarding to Korea, is “shopping”. I might was not a shopping girl once I was in Cambodia, but here I changes a lot (though, shopping spend a lot of money), but who cares? everything around me are fashion forwarded,  boutique stores are so adorable and comfy just to step inside, everywhere around Seoul we can found those charming stores either small or big, and yes, people,(not just my own opinion) most foreigner found Korean people are so good looking to fit in those fashion clothes. Just imagine! Even when I stay in  school or dormitory or just travel in subway,  sometimes I found some attractive looking girl/boy (even if they are not super star), they make me  feels like I was in Shopping Mall already and them? They are Malakin to me. lolz . Therefore, with all these reason, I can say it inspired me to do shopping a lot.

Let calculate my shopping ratio. 1 year have 4 season mean I shop at least 4 times/year. In 3 month, there are 1 Sales every season, so 4 times/month. When new student come, help them to show around, at least 2 times/year, plus occasionally going out with new comer4 times/year. Once knowing new girl-friends (same shopping holic) 1 times/month. Lolz. After stress with exam (both mid-term & final) mean 4 times/year. Let see,  in short, I do shopping  at least 30times/years. Almost every weekend. (*Mommy, I’m sorry! keke)

For more info where to shop: http://visitkorea.or.kr/enu/1061_Shopping.jsp

UCC~ Secret Jeju Island

Amazing view of Jeju that I just discovered in this VDO. I think the one who made this vdo (his name is Lyongs, I guess) is awesome to receive the grand prize from KoreaBrand. Have a look and you will love Jeju. As for me , now I wish to visit Jeju again the next Spring!

Korean Stars’ Diet Food

The autumn breeze in the air may mark the end of another warm summer season gone, but the Hallyu stars still continue their strict diets in order to maintain their gorgeous S-line figures. Check out some of the meals that they’re eating for their diets below.


Kim Jun Hee posted via her Twitter page, “Junee’s diet plan“, along with a photo of grapes, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, lean beef, and quail eggs.

An Sun Young also posted, “I’m going to try eating mostly vegetables this week“, and uploaded a photo of some squash, Korean miso soup, and some rice. The amount of rice was a small amount and probably not even close enough to satisfy the appetite of a normal human being.

Former S.E.S member and musical performer Bada ambitiously revealed her own strict diet plan consisting of chicken breast, salad, potatoes, fruit, etc.

Actress Jun Hye Bin also had her own diet plan and uploaded a photo of herself posing with her diet food consisting similarly of chicken, smoked salmon, salad, and fruit.

And the girl groups are no exception to the diet craze. The girls of SECRET revealed their diet on a popular SBS entertainment program. Their diet consists of bananas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and other items. Kahi of After School also uploaded a photo via her Twitter page of her diet food which included hard-boiled eggs, grapes, oranges, salad… mostly low-calorie foods.

Stars are receiving attention for eating foods that are low in calories and in fat, but high in nutrients and these are the type of foods that keep you feeling full. Diets don’t necessarily mean you are limited to leafy greens, but it’s more about eating the right mix of foods that will also provide the nutritional essentials that your body needs. The diets of the stars are easier to follow than most people think, and there are a few staple items that every star seems to include.

◆Chicken Breast

Lean chicken is a must for maintaining a slim figure. Jun Hye Bin, After School’s UEE & Park Kahi have all succeeded in their diets eating chicken breast, and even the ballad King Sung Shi Kyunghimself revealed that he was also eating lean chicken for lunch. Other stars including Hur Kyung HwanPark Jun HyungOh Ji Hun and Koo Ji Sung also lost weight eating chicken, but they even began selling the products online after their success.

◆Hard-boiled eggs

Cho Yeo Jung successfully lost weight by eating hard-boiled eggs and was able to look amazing for her movie, ‘The Servant’. Girl groups After School, SECRET, and SNSD all include hard-boiled eggs as a staple in their diet and it’s beneficial because it keeps them feeling full.

The stars are good about including foods from all the different food groups in their diet, but in moderation. They prioritize absorbing essential nutrients, so they are setting the right example for anyone who is looking to lose a healthy amount of weight.

These stars may seem to have the perfect bodies, but as perfectionists who are constantly in front of the camera, they continue to work to maintain and improve their S-line shapes well past the summer season.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/09/a-collective-report-on-the-dietary-habits-of-various-female-stars

For further reading on another diet plan : https://molyna.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/korean-star-diet-plan/

VDO about Korea

I do feel inspired by these two VDO about Korea. It’s very amazing! I start to realize I should act something and plan something before it is too late. Before, I finish my study, I want to learn more, explore more, and document more about Korea. I want to know everything about Korea. I am so lucky to be here, in Korea!

“Befriend Korea”

“Korea, where dreams are realized every day”

Korean Stars’ Diet Plan

My previous post was about the Korean star who have good body line(S Line), therefore I did some research from the allkpop webpage and found these interesting news.

SNSD’s Yuri’s perfect abs, her diet consists of 50g of seasonal vegetables, 150g of brown rice, five heads of broccoli, and 100g of chicken breast. As for her special exercises, Yuri simply did around 600 situps per day.

f(x)’s Krystal “11abs” story revealed that  “During my young trainee days, I went to jazz dance class and did a lot of sit ups so I have more muscle than fat.

Misconceptions about 2NE1’s Park Bom famous watermelon diet were recently cleared up. Master Hwang had taken Park Bom’s western diet habits from her international student years into consideration and transformed her diet so that she can have a healthier lifestyle. Bom’s diet plan strictly regulates her eating habits and it consists of 5 total meals (including 2 snacks) a day.

SECRET , The girl group’s 3-part diet method involves a breakfast diet, dancing, and exercise. Through this breakfast meal plan, the SECRET members have been successful in losing 3~4 kg (approximately 6 to 8 pounds). However, their breakfast meal consists of only a total of 565 calories, leading some viewers to worry about their health.

After School’s UEE has become a hot topic after she revealed her diet. She stated, “Usually, I pack my own lunch” and pulled out a drink made from grains. She explained,“This drink contains black beans, wheat, brown rice, soy milk, and honey, so it can be used as one meal.”

Additionally, she also showed the cameras the lunch that she packed for herself. The lunch contained brown rice, tofu with dried bonito, and a chicken breast salad. It was revealed that the half bowl of brown rice was 150kcals, the whole grain drink was 110kcal, and the chicken salad was 205kcals. Altogether, the meal did not exceed 1,oookcals.

T-ara’s Hyomin tweeted two pictures with the caption, “Raising patience, the most difficult thing in the world. Today, there was the temptation of pizza again. Also have to endure for the summer clothes. Ack… I’ve reached my limit!

Talented singer Seo In Young revealed her method for losing 6kg in two months.

Navi’s special diet meal. Navi gained weight and had skin trouble when she was working on both a musical and an album, all while attending school.  The chef recommended that she eat a Thai salad that carries ingredients good for your overall diet and skin. The salad contains grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimp, and lots of greens. Grapefruits lowers cholesterol and helps fight against aging skin. Cherry tomatoes can break down fat, while shrimp has protein and greens are filling; everything within the salad ensures that the meal is full of nutrients.

Singer/actress IU revealed the secret diet plan behind her character’s weight loss in KBS’s “Dream High” . The special ‘diet menu’ consists of salad, a boiled egg, boiled sweet potatoes, and eight baby tomatoes, all amounting to exactly 346 calories.

Ready to give a try? ^^