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The Hidden Miracle @CK-CFF2012

Maybe you all are as excited as I am, to be able to participate in the first ever “Cambodia-Korea Cultural Friendship Festival 2012” this Saturday. There are lots of story to be told, the fun moments, the clumsy, the scary, the breath taking, the heart blowing, especially the chilling one. However, here I’m gonna reveal a little miracle that come to think of it, I can’t just take off a smile on my face.

Wake up in the early freezing morning, we all starting to prepare the exhibition booths, stage, and decoration. To be as perfect as we could, everyone take everything at their best, the performing team started their rehearse again and again, the singing team tried to voice the song till their lung dry, the organizing team ran up and down, here and there, phone ringing and ringing, the clock ticking ticking, then the song were played “the traditional Cambodian songs”,…

Those activities suddenly paused, and all of us just silently smiled at each other. The chilled moments of “Feeling Home” and glowing heart were there, with all of us. It just feel like one of those day, way back home, back with our friends and family, in a random Cambodian gathering time, with just a 2000miles away, and that is it. It’s our time. The skin color, the language different, the trees, the cold autumn are left behind.

We were all aware that not everything will turn out as planned, of course, who can predict the future? But we had used all the effort we had to turn thing just, well, at least, reaching the bar of overall satisfactory, minimize disappointment, overlap the best on the bad, and things like that. As always, “only the heart can see rightly what essential is invisible to the eye”, sure enough, all the people involve in this events are non other than beautiful at heart, they put aside their prioritized school loads, voluntarily accept the possibilities of lower grade or unsatisfied work outcome, to just be part of this CK-CFF.

We just cannot thank each other enough, and those cheering loud applauses from our national and international friends in Korea and our big supporters SMG, ASEAN-Korea Centre, NIIED, and Cambodian Embassy.In just a day, we broke the distances boundary between Korea and Cambodia.

With all those harmonious hearts and souls, this event painted a smile to everyone and the unforgettable lifetime experience.

 A great honor with Mrs. OUNG BOPHAL, Counselor of the Cambodian Embassy in South Korea

Together! Dance off wrap up session (Romvong, Lamleav, Saravan, Madison, and more)

Again, Thank you for making a miracle happen.

Rafting with GSIS classmates





Well, I hope the photo tell every word already! Briefly speaking, every semester we have this MT (2 days 1 night) to get to know each other better. This time, beside the fun paintball game, we had an extra activities, that is “Rafting”. I was so excited because I miss rafting so much, It’s been a year now. The problem was this, we supposed to jumped in the water and played there as well. Frankly speaking, my 1 month swimming lesson did not give much courage for me to say I can swim and I seriously not into a big pond, lake like this one, and I completely do not trust the life saver coat. I swear I am not gonna jumped alone. In contrast, our team loss the race, we were forced to jumped in the water and make a line, I scared at first, but damn god, the water is cold and I can float safely, and amazingly I enjoyed it a lot.

Summer & Fall

The view from Gonzaga dormitory, Seoul, South Korea.


Welcome 1.11.11

The title is great isn’t it? I can’t wait for the the Pepero day on 11.11.11. You too, right? 😀

Update about me is I was so crazy to go out with friend and take picture of the beautiful yellow leaves around Seoul. Now I’m waiting to go to Nami Island with other WSK members! *excited*

Apologies the less update last month. Firstly, it was on Mid-term season. Secondly, I was out of control, *sighed* registered my blog to some website and then I was afraid to click on my site for posting ago. I felt like something (ads) blocking my page surface (while it was nothing), I kept those feeling for several week now! *crazy me*.



Top Seoul streets to view scenic fall foliage

Yep, it’s that time of year again — leaves are dying all over the place and everyone can’t wait to go see those last glorious bursts of color.

For all the amateur photographers and romance-hunting couples out there, Seoul’s parks and landscapes department released an official list of the top 80 “most beautiful streets for fall foliage” today.

That makes for 137.69 kilometers of hand-holding while your feet crunch along on a colorful leafy carpet.

“In order to maximize the scenery and romance,” the city announced that workers have been told not to sweep fallen leaves starting today until mid-November, reported Chosun Ilbo.

Among the top recommendations are the paths from Deoksu Palace (덕수궁) to the Kyunghyang Newspaper building, from Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁) to Samcheong Park (삼청공원), and from East Tower (동십자각) in Jongno to Samcheong Tunnel (삼청터널).

For a complete list of all 80 locations (in Korean), click here. 

2011년 아름다운 단풍길(요약)

구별 노선명 비고
종로구 삼청동길, 청계천  
중구 덕수궁길, 훈련원로, 남산 북측순환로, 야외식물원  
용산구 소월길, 이태원로, 남산 남측순환로  
성동구 성동제방, 뚝섬 서울숲  
광진구 능동로, 워커힐길, 광나룻길, 건대회관길, 아차산 오솔길, 어린이대공원(후문진입로, 외곽도로)  
동대문구 회기로, 중랑천 제방길  
중랑구 봉수대공원, 봉수길, 망우산 사색의 길, 망우로87길  
성북구 구민회관길, 월곡동길, 하월곡동길  
강북구 우이천 제방, 인수봉길, 4.19길  
도봉구 중랑천 제방, 노해길, 도봉산길, 마들길  
노원구 화랑로, 한글비석길, 동일로, 간촌서3길  
은평구 진흥로, 증산로  
서대문구 홍제천변길, 안산 산책로  
마포구 난지도길, 월드컵공원(산림욕길, 하늘공원, 평화의공원)  
양천구 느티나무길, 양명길, 단풍길, 신서길  
강서구 우장공원, 방화공원  
구로구 거리공원길, 안양천 산책로, 구일5길  
금천구 벚꽃십리길, 안양천길, 탑골길, 안양천 제방길, 호압사길  
영등포구 여의서로  
동작구 문화길, 보라매공원  
관악구 낙성대길, 관악로, 관악산, 장원길  
서초구 태봉로, 양재천, 문화예술공원  
강남구 양재천길, 가로수길  
송파구 위례성길, 송파나루공원  
강동구 고덕동길, 게내길, 강동대로, 동남로  
서울대공원(과천) 하마사~남미관, 호주관뒤~산림전시관뒤 외곽순환도로  

< 2011년 아름다운 단풍길 대상지 사진  >

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정


서울시,‘올해의 아름다운 단풍길’80곳 선정

Busan, Jinju, Gimhae attract tourists with festivals this autumn

The Cities of Busan, Jinju, and Gimhae in Gyeongsangnamdo (South Gyeongsang Province) are welcoming visitors with various festivals this autumn.

Some of the must-see festivals in the region include the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, the Busan Jagalchi Festival and the Buncheong Ceramics Festival of Gimhae.

* Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival (October 1-12) 

“Yudeung” means lanterns floating on the water. The tradition of Yudeung began in Jinju following the Jinjuseong Battles in 1592 during Imjinwaeran (Japanese invasion) of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). When Jinju Castle was under siege, Joseon General Kim Si-min (1554-1592) with his 3,800 soldiers defended against a force of Japanese troops 30,000-strong.

After the battle, residents began to float lanterns on the river to honor the deceased and wish for peace and prosperity of home and nation. To reflect the long history of the city, Jinju has been holding the festival as a symbol of royalty and wishing.

This year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected this festival as one of the greatest festivals in the country. To mark the ministry’s appointment, this year’s festival will showcase new features to delight festival-goers.

For this year’s festival, the organizing committee will introduce a newly built bridge linking Jinju Castle and a musical water fountain so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lanterns in various shapes and colors while walking around the event venue. The festival will also showcase an exhibition themed on the evolution of light at the castle.

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://www.yudeung.com/10E_index.php) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).

* Busan Jagalchi Festival (October 12-16)

Busan will attract seafood lovers this month as the Busan Jagalchi Festival will be held from October 12 to 16 at Jagalchi Market, the largest seafood market in Korea and one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the city. The festival program includes four categories — opening events, experience programs, food auction, and the market, not to mention cultural events like performances and exhibits.

The festival will begin with “yongsinje” (a traditional shamanistic ritual to celebrate the opening of the festival), and “gilnori” (street parade).

As the Busan International Film Festival will also be ongoing until October 14, visitors can enjoy both seafood as well as movies from 70 countries.


Busan Jagalchi Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://www.ijagalchi.co.kr/english.html) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).

* Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival (October 18-23)

Buncheong ceramics are often considered to have a simple and natural beauty unlike Goryeo celadon. From October 18 to 23, the Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival will be held in Songjeong-ri, where the largest potteries in Korea are run.

Visitors can have fun and learn more about the Buncheong wares at the festival, which will be composed of nearly 90 programs in eight categories, including the history of Buncheong ceramics and Buncheong tea wares. People can also make their own Buncheong ceramics and participate in the festival auction.

Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Festival

More information is available at the homepage of the festival (http://festival.buncheong.net/index.jsp) (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese).
Source: here

Fall Foliage Trip to the South

Starting from the North to the South, whole place is changing its color as it gets closer to the end of  autumn. Autumn leaves turn red when the weather gets  cold, so mountainous Gangwon-do become the first place of autumn leaves. When you look down from the sky, leaves descend to the South and finally stop at Jeju island.

Shall we move on  to the South?

Foliage Trip to Mt.Palgong

Mt.Palgong, which is located in Daegu, is always popular among many people. You don’t need to spend much time and money to enjoy the autumn leaves. The mountain is said to be the most beautiful in late October.

Trip to autumn leaves starts at the entry to the Mt.Palgong. 1,300 gingko trees are lined up along six kilometer long road between Gongsan tunnel and School, which is very popular car driving course. Going down the road after tunnel, you will be amazed at gingko trees. It is fantastic to see golden wave of gingko trees.

When you turn to Dongwha temple at Baekan intersection, you’ll meet the line of gingko trees. After passing by school, you’ll meet maple trees. It is simply beautiful.  Plus, Mt.Palgong belt way is very popular among drivers for the beauty of its maple trees. The whole mountain is full of red color when the fall reaches its peak. You’ll definitely be amazed.

<Driving course of Palgong mountain> (Source:Yonhap News)

Hiking is the best way to enjoy the autumn of Mt.Palgong. There are many hike ways in the mountain such as Buin temple road, Gatbawi road and Dongwha temple road. Some buddhists  pray toward Buddha statue at Gatbawi. This buddha statue was made in Shilla dynasty and became known as praying site for education, health, occupation, and baby boys. Many people come to this site to pray for their own wish every day.

 Trekking to the Autumn of Mt.Jiri

Mt.Jiri is the second highest after Mt.Halla of Jeju island. This mountain is huge. There are so many famous and beautiful sites in the mountain. Autumn leaves of this mountain are as beautiful as other mountains.

Autumn leaves start to turn red in late September at Mt.Jiri. It is not well-known but you can enjoy autumn leaves earlier than any others in southern part.

Foliage of Mt.Jiri will start in 5th of October at Cheonwang peak, about 15th at main line, between 20th and 25th at Pia valley and three or four days later than Pia valley at Baemsa valley. If you want to get the most beautiful scenery, you should go up to Cheonwang peak. The most beautiful hike way is between Sesok and Chunwang Peak.

Cho-Sik, a scholar of Joseon dynasty, said “Don’t tell anybody that you’ve seen foliage without seeing the foliage of Pia valley. Foliage of Jikjeon is one of ten beautiful sceneries in Mt.Jiri. Pia Valley is famous for hike way of foliage. Foliage hiking in Pia valley starts at Seongsamjae and continues to Nogodan and descends to Pia valley or moves forward to Baemsa valley. This hike way has so beautiful scenery that many people take this way.

Foliage in Baemsa valley is as beautiful as Pia valley. Pia valley is famous for foliage whereas Baemsa valley is famous for valley itself. Baemsa valley is nine kilometer long and colorful leaves harmonize with that valley. Foliage spreading from Banseon complex to Ganjangso is regarded as the most beautiful scenery in Baemsa valley.

<Foliage in Baemsa valley in Jiri mountain> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

There are some other foliage sites to see in Mt.Jiri. Various hike ways have been developed since long time ago. Shall we take a trip to Mt.Jiri?

 Mt.Dyuryun, the Harmony of a thousand years history and the beauty of the Mountain 

Duryun mountain, which is located at the southernmost peninsula, is full of evergreen broadleaf and deciduous broadleaf. There are some national treasures such as Daedun temple, Pyochung temple, the bell of Tapsan temple and so on.

Duryun mountain is well known for camelia and foliage. The valley is two kilometers long from the group facilities complex to the temple. The latest foliage, regarded as one of the most beautiful autumn scenery, can be seen there.

<Foliage at Daeheung temple of Duryun mountain> (Source:Daeheung Temple Wesite)

The best scenery of this mountain is a maple tree forest of the way to Daehung temple. Take a walk through the temple gate. You’ll refresh yourself. Maple forests and camellia can be seen. Trees are like tunnel. When you cross a bridge, there is tunnel of maple trees.

Let’s walk through the yellow and red gingko trees and maple forest and keep going up along the car road. Mountain is covered up with yellow and red wave. Crossing valley and bridge, you’ll meet Youseondang and backdrop of foliage which are the highlight of the journey. The last of the journey is the road up to Daehung temple.

Maple Leaves of Mt.Halla, the Southernmost of Korea 

Foliage of Mt.Halla in Jeju island is not as well known as other sites. The famous sites are Wanggwanneung, Mansae hill, road between Youngsil rest area and Byeongpung rock area, road 1100 and 516. In particular, uniquely shaped 500 rock pillars stand at Youngsil rest area and Byeongpung rock area. The area is probably the most beautiful site.

Youngsil of Mt.Hallan is easy to access for all walks of life. Youngsil course starts at pavilion. Road to Youngsil is flat, however, the pine trees and maple forests along the road will lead you to the unique landscape. Walking a little further up, you can have good scenery of foliage. Maple forest starting under the Byeongpung rocks continues to gate of the hike way. It is magnificent.

Another joy of Jeju trip. If you have a plan to go to Mt.Halla, do not miss autumn foliage in Youngsil.

 <Foliage of Youngsil in Halla mountain> (Source: Yonhap News)


How was the journey? Autumn is right at the corner. Shall we take a walk and breathe in the forest of autumn foliage?

References: http://blog.naver.com/korea_brand/10120391749

Thirst for water

My main question is how do Korean singer manage to sing beautifully in all season once the weather in Korea always changes like this?? Today, my throat turned completely  dry and I drank more than 2 liters of water in just 4 hours. Morning 8 degree, noon 20 degree, night 8 degree again. My only wish is Autumn please come soon!!! 

Fall Special “Explore Seoul”

Experience Korea via Real Touch Korea Application

Do you ever want to make a Buzz on something, but do not know what about?

iBuzz Korea! How about you?

Lately, Buzz Korea just launched the new application name “Real Touch Korea Application” which you can enjoy reading various fact stories related to Korea with beautiful pictures and relaxed music theme sound playing along while discovering new amazing places which you will definitely mark it in your travel-lists, and more amazingly you also can enjoy special activities that you have never expected, but it is totally in there. And it is not all done here yet, the  secret locked boxes are worth your time to continue reading the whole  stories in order to unlock them (shhh.. it reveals Korean’s Secret).

Do you ever curious in something about Korea, but prefer not to ask? Or have no one to ask? For example: Why this/that is being famous? How to make this/that?  What is the history of this/that? You can find some answers from  “Real Touch Korea Application” with an enjoyable way while discovering new fact as if you are REALLY being there, in that place, in Korea.

I bet you gonna enjoy the app as much as I do. Here are some highlight of the amazing facts that surprised me once I used “Real Touch Korea Application” .

1. The 4 Seasons at Mt. Seoraksan

I know Mt. Soeraksan is famous for its view, I thought it’s only in Autumn but it is not. With Touch Korea, I feel like I was standing there on the top of the mountain and enjoying myself with changing leaves due to the changing season. And those voice of nature make it the best. While, reality I am still in front of my laptop. Thus, Mt. Soeraksan is on my travel list now, and this time no matter what season it is.

2. Make a wish on Korea’s Dolharubang

This is my 2nd favorite stories from Touch Korea. Last month, I have been to Jeju island and really fall in love with the beauty of the island and also fall in love with him, grandfather statue “Dolharubang”. Here and there across the whole island you can see him with different kind of expression. However, I have no knowledge that rubbing have nose while make a wish. So I feel so regret that I have not done that. Only hope I can go there again~

3. Perform Korea’s Gayageum

Last year I learned Arirang song and watched many performance that use this Gayageum as music background. This year I watch the drama “You’ve fallen for me” and the main actress play this  Gayageum as well. I am so impressed and also wish to try it, and here at Touch Korea I can play it anytime. So comfy.

4. Hongdae Club Dance

Hongdae is called as the area where there are many youthful clubs. Even if I do not know much about club, but I was amazed to see in Touch Korea  they also teach how to do beautiful club dance for lady. It is very impressive that I must have to give myself a try.

So what is Buzz Korea?

Korean Tourism Organization have created a new webpage named Buzz Korea which is a campaign to promote Korea via social networking like Facebook, Twitter, QQ, etc. The page covered with many resourceful information regarding Korea with the main aim of 4Cs, which stand for “CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, CAPTIVATE, and CREATE”. Various interesting topics starting from food, fashion, festival, seasons, entertainment, etc no matter where it happens, are all in there. At the same time you can also feel the actual Korea via reading the blog from people across the globe expressing their point of view and their very own experiences in Korea as well.

Then why not sharing your own story there, so it can be read? As for me, I am very enjoying reading news from other while sharing mine, even if it is not a big deal to everyone, but it is from my own pleasure of life in Korea and by doing this I can also document my own world of happiness as well.

You can visit the link below:

Real Touch Korea: http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/eng_banner.php

Buzz Korea: http://ibuzzkorea.com/eng/buzz.php