Journey to Secret Waterfall

by Molyna Noun

IMG_6635So last weekend my families and I went to celebrate Tean Vorsar ceremony at our regular pagoda in a remote village. This time, we planned to visit a nearby (in reality, it’s not that near) waterfall that we heard about. My brother who once visited there had recommended that it will be worth to visit since he described the place as:

“The view is beyond amazing like what you would see in a beautiful painting”. He added “be careful though, because we had a flat tire once and it was hard to find a place to fix as it’s so remote”.

I was thrilled to hear about this place as we had been to Oudong areas quite a lot and to finally discover a waterfall? This is beyond my expectation! ^^ To think of the waterfall, it should be somewhere in the north or Kirirom or southern Cambodia. Thus, this journey  reminded me of the quote from the Little Prince book “What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well…”  So I was looking forward to the journey and the surprised with the swimwear packed and ready.

To find the waterfall is pretty easy. All you have to do is ask around “Which way to Orm Laeng?” Just kidding lol. Here how we found it. From Phnom Penh along the national road 5 after you passed the Oudong market turn left then you will be on the beautiful smooth road all the way to Orm Laeng. It took about 40 mins drive, you will see a big green sign on your right (saying Turn Right for “Chhrok Teuk”), then turn right from there to a small dusty road. To clear the doubt, just ask people on the road they are all aware of the secret waterfall.

And from there, the real adventure begins.


The dusty road will lead you to the treasure which is called  “Chhreav Waterfall” as it is located in  Chhreav Village, Om Laeng Commune, Thporng District, Kompong Speu. It is near on the mountains areas of Cambodia’s high­est moun­tain, Phnom Aural. There are few sellers selling food so it’s better to pack your own lunch and drink. I heard one Kiosk would sell only 3 chickens per day as they don’t expect many tourists.


Photo by: Mai Channeang (Fb) from Phnom Penh Hike


By the time we got there, we could hear the sound of the waterfall and the green scenery and of course, the butterflies. It’s only 3 minutes’ walk up the hill, you will reach the first stage of the waterfall where you can enjoy the cold water and there are small fishes giving the foot massage as well. And its’ all natural!



I love the pave way up the hill as it’s only made of stones and soil to build the steps. Once inside, the weather get colder and the rain start to pure but afraid nothing, as you are under the green roof of only trees. The tourists here are mostly people from the nearby provinces and some from Phnom Penh. We saw the buses full of grannies and monks also came to explore as I bet it’s Buddhist ceremony season.  We went to explore the second stage of the waterfall and all the way up there, you will hear the sound of excitement and laughter echoed in the midst of the forest as young Cambodians are enjoying the water slide, the famous activity there!




The whole atmosphere of this trip was far beyond my expectation. Due to the limited time, I could not hike up to explore more amazing view. Sure enough, I will go again!