Deactivate Facebook


Oh yeah!

I’m back again with something to share today because guess what? *winked..I just deactivated my Facebook for awhile and it couldn’t be better! I feel a lot better! Well, I miss it tho, also sometimes wonder what’s going on with some friends..but…the pros outweigh the cons, so yeah..not planning to go back anytime soon.

Once you are offline,  you know who your bestie are…because they will call and text to see if everything alright. They will find all means to get in touch with you (which is so much fun!). One things they assume is none other than i’m having a heartbreak…well… not quite…but not totally out of the topic either. *Grinned.

So here I guess I like to share my thought on why deactivating Facebook sometimes happen to some of us. Let’s get started!

  1. Not Seeking Attention: The thing is, deactivating wasn’t my first time and my blogging bestie buddy (La1) also did the same. We are not attention seeking or to hint to someone to run after us after they can’t reach our Facebook (which is now like our phone number) but it just for our personal mental well-being. To have a short-term peace.
  2. Reduce Un-productivity: For me, there are loads of stories happening on Facebook every hour and second. I guess, there are certain things that I couldn’t resist but to keep scrolling and curious to know (*Guilty) which is not at all productive at time.
  3. Reduce anxiety: There were time when I keep checking Facebook and waiting for a reply or a text or a comment or notification – it just happened. And sometimes this anxiety could ruin you. When I stop it  I know that I will get a call or only important message. and I have more time to focus on things that matter – a lot more than checking my phone.
  4. Reduce temptation to log back in just because if I still using, I will log in easily and then scrolling and then… over and over again – two hours passed. Knowing that I can’t log in – I will focus on other things – news or hobbies …etc

After all, I still need to use Facebook – I was just trying to be cool with those reasons above! haha. JK. Have you tried living your life without social media for a week? I wonder how it would be without it entirely as well. But so far – I haven’t done it yet. Share me if you did, how amazing it feels like?