Hello October

I have had one of the amazing time of the year, especially during August.  There was a big step I took in terms of (secret). I couldn’t thanks all the people involved that I am fortunate to have those moments.

However, great things doesn’t last. September had been a crazy month for me. Glad that it passed now. It was too bad that I can’t even describe it. Thanks to this experience I learn to appreciate the beauty inside the imperfection, the challenge. I am sure that one day I would be grateful for that September.

October seems like a good month so far because time heals, like, literally. There is so much that I’ve gone through and teach me to be stronger. Things move forward and I am back to reality! I got so much to do from this month on, but let’s me share you a secret I found to help me feel better. That must be the playlist of indie music! Every time I have them on, I was brought to the moments on the road like standing in the car with your favorite people and exploring new places and cultures – and that feeling is incredible!!!

I can’t wait for the next adventure!