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Month: August, 2014

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September Her

After my two weeks trip to Korea, I got back to catch up with the girl that I missed the most during my visit and that is no other than my beautiful- Kagna! The time I stepped my feet on a taxi at Sinchon, the great memories of her walking with me holding each other, laughing about whatever stories we talked about with a big shopping bag from that mart probably just some mushroom and shrimps for our dinner Tumyum? or maybe just a uniqlo shirt that we got on sales? Giggling with endless stories about life in general, family, study, friends, or just simply enjoying each other company. And then the image of that one night, me and her with a group of our Sogang families crossing that street light at Sinchon exit 1 pointing out to that Naturr ice-cream store, introducing the neighborhood to our guests who came from other province of South Korea, and wrapped up a night at the house packed with so many Cambodian and  endless conversation up till morning. It was, after all, the great memories to remember for life.


When life isn’t about anything with our decision alone, to have someone stay with you no matter what is not easy either. This is why I am so grateful that (like many of my friends who are not mentioned here) one day I met her and, she decided to stay. We have been through so many things together but with her openness and caring attitude, together we made this friendship stronger. So today, we met again and I secretly smiled because I missed her. I couldn’t pluck up my courage to express the feeling with words but I was indeed happy. While she talked about her life in general, I was filled with happiness because she is doing great, work, life, family…all great! And yes, of course, I do not need to worry about her because with her personality and willing to work hard, she can success in everything she chooses. September is approaching and September called “Kagna” in Cambodian language and every start of September, I always remind myself of how lucky I am to have a friend like her!

Oops! Forgot that now it’s still August! ^^