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Month: May, 2014

Reasons to Come to a Café in My Penh


Café has become a new trendy place for young and adult khmers alike to spend their quality time alone or with friends (*feeling excited). I’m surprised in a good way though that this new culture has encouraged many new café chains to start up their ventures in our charming kingdom. If we take a closer look, we, Khmers has some unique characters that coming to a café are somehow different from other nation (probably!).

Through my own observation (not thoroughly, I’m afriad), I found some reasons behind this craziness about café (or coffee shop (in English), 카페(in Korean), Brown( in Khmer). Yep, we call it by brand name, it feels more awesome and who doesn’t know brown? 😀

1-    To take selfie and post it on facebook. This is probably coming from how many Khmer people (especially young one) are living in the generation that they can have a cute version of themselves with selfie and thanks to the camera 360 for making it even more cute *salop. Many are at the café for selfie, but nope, their huge face, winked eyes blocked the entire cozy background of “Brown”. Who cares?

2-    To post the picture of coffee cup in which everybody knows how it looks like already *winked. But to some of them, they are learning photography, and probably after the 100 cups, they can have a correct angle with some effects that make the cup look more irresistible and their fri (yep, why takes time to write friend?) commented “wow…ci arom” or just “cute nas”. But that’s enough to make them happy. Thanks *nop!

3-    The check-in status of facebook are perfectly fit (like apple and pie) to this new trend. With many holidays in the country where we can spend more time to hang out and travel around, people come to café to check-in. So yes, their fri, cousins (which we also call sis and bro even if they are not in one family) can knows how cool we are that we come to a *kalip place like this. And secretly, expecting those likers envy that.

4-    The Wifi empire! It seems the three above reasons are somehow facebook oriented, but this forth one is also not somewhere far from facebook topic. Up to now, Wifi are still limited at some Khmer houses due to monthly expense that we are not willing to pay, but of course, we will be happy to pay for the coffee and AC with the other benefits of the three above. So who wants to set up the wifi at home? Stuck at home? and check in “in my lonely room”? Nope.

5-    Last but not least, there are still those who in general come to café to work on their laptop for a cozy feely with random music in the background (I love this one) and do people-watching or silently listen to some gossips. Business meeting, group assignment, delicious foods, dating, feeling home (for some foreigners), just coffee for coffee’s sake or to come to a café for blogging about coming to a café (guilty as charged ^^) are also included.

Though, café or coffee house is still limited in some areas, but I’m sure this business will grow really fast and won’t be old in anytime soon. Admit it or not, people love the finer things in life and they are more than willing to pay for their happiness. At the end of the day, when money can happiness, I don’t think why not?

By N. Molyna



…because I miss this girl, Lavorn!


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