First stop, France

I am one of those who like to document my travel experience and retold that stories through writing. (*hands up) So after ISfIT (last February), my most excitement is non other than being on Airfrance! Yes, it was one of that happy moment  because it has the Air + France! I’m going to France, at last!

We left Oslo very early in the morning saying goodbye to our ISfITers who I’m sure are all gonna explore Europe, just like us. What really upset me was when I missed the beautiful Oslo city lights view due to the exhausted trip on the bus from Trondheim. I kept complaining to my friend why he didn’t wake me up to see it or at least not showing me those wonderful pictures.

By the way, life on Airfrance was not as excited as the Areofloat ( or maybe because I was expecting too much from it?). After enjoying the never-ending food service from Areofloat, my point of flying have changed to the obsession of food service and unconsciously judging each airline by their foods. Then, when it comes to France, what I got was just a very small croissant for breakfast, I was in-a-complete depression mode (My DREAM airline gave me only ONE SMALL croissant!) and the flight attendant did not smile that often either (Is it a cultural thing?). However, around noon, all the grumpy feeling disappeared when I could catch a glimpse of Tour Eiffel emerged from the foggy clouds.


Charle de gaulle  airport is a bit far from Paris, so we can only see the tower as small as a key chain, but that was enough to made my mood flew in the air of excitement already.

We needed to transfer to  another plane to Nice. I was so surprised to see that the airport here was not as modern and well organized like Incheon. I’m not really sure which one is larger, but we had to get out and took a bus for 15-20mins to get to the next flight and the system seems complicated at first. Again, I was overly excited when I spotted Ladurée shop inside the waiting lunge. Seriously, I was not a macaroon fan but many people bragged about it, so I planned to give it a bite once I got to France. In Korea, they also have macaroon which was just so-so. I circled around the shop several times before decided to pop in. Buying things in Euro is a lot easier than Krone as the value was not much different than USD. But one small macaroon for 1.75euro hesitated me a little bit (as a budget traveller heehee). I managed to grab several different flavors and to my surprised it did taste very very good. From that moment on, I am Ladurée macaroons super fan! ^^

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 7.52.50 PM

Nice amazed me with the airport right from the shore, it was scary though when the plane tried to land while it lower itself almost hitting the sea below (well nothing scarier than the thought of a plane crashed in the ocean for the one who can not swim, right?) Ok let’s not talk of the scary experience. In my whole life, I’ve only been to three beaches, the most pretty tropical one in my beloved Cambodia (^^ *tapping myself proudly), the fake one in Singapore, and the muddy one in Korea. Fortunately, in Nice though I couldn’t manage to swim,  the dark blue color ocean with the ray of sunset gave me the most romantic feeling I’ve never felt before. Along with the vintage French villages, the smell of expresso and the odd looking not-sure-if-it-palm tree-or-coconut-tree along the way made me pinned this seaside another must-visit in my bucket list. Oh yeah, and the carnival which supposed to be held that time of year even light up this little city. I love every thing about Nice even if sometimes it feels familiar like back home, Cambodia, which was once under the French colony.

IMG_7856 IMG_7927 IMG_8770 SAM_1010

My friend’s relative hosted us and showed us around this beautiful city and even made us the most delicious Khmer food. Lucky for us, in France there are many big Khmer communities which made everything here a lot easier than Korea, by everything, you can imagine I was not talking of anything other than FOODs. They have everything ranging from Jasmine rice to all type of Khmer ingredients and his relative is the famous chef in town, so my friend and I who were bored up with bread and cheese in Norway, were eating like that was the time of life or death.



In Nice, even if I am not biologically related to this lovely host family, I was treated like a long-lost-daughter. I did not even dare to think that I am so blessed to meet many nice people in this time of need. My host family in Norway was overwhelming with generosity and care already and now in Nice as well? They are so so nice to me that made me felt guilty of not being sure when I will be able to return this kindness. However, I am glad that there is one important thing I learned from this trip. That is to treat people the same way you want to be treated. And I couldn’t be happier without everything I experienced and the amazing people I befriended with along this journey.

Up next, Geneva-Switzerland