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Month: June, 2013

Recruiting CITYNET Young Professionals 2013


The CITYNET Young Professionals is a student-led organization funded by CITYNET and Seoul Metropolitan Government. This program offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to network and participate in various tasks in the field of international development. Participants are expected to demonstrate professionalism and take appropriate initiative in assigned responsibilities and activities. The program further hopes to provide a platform for students to learn and study about the concept of green growth, multiculturalism and ODA policies in Seoul, Korea. Foreign students studying/residing in Korea, as well as Korean students, are highly encouraged to apply and join our program.HOW TO APPLY
– Please download application form from
– Fill out the form and send to citynetyp@gmail.com

Violin & Dance


I had no idea what was the title of the song, but the violin alone made the song even more perfect. Whenever I listen to this, I can fantasize about the moonlight, the slow dance, candle light, gardens… the very perfect combination! ^^

Or if the above mentioned fantasy is not your cup of tea, then the single ballet dance might be a second choice, huh?


There were time when you fall in love again and again and you cannot help it. For me, it must be these fishes. I really wanna get these for my room so badly. It looks absolutely perfect!!

“let’s be friends with Cambodia” Event

Finally, our “another” miracle happened!

As you all well aware, CSA-K has been working so hard for a secret project several months back, which I tempted not to spoil the fun for so long, however now I’m so glad to eventually be able to update it here.^^


First and foremost, this middle of June are the exam weeks for most students in Korea. By exam, I mean, students are stock up some  status update with hash tag of these familiar words: over dose of coffee, no sleep, library, reading room, or 파마brain..etc. Thus to have an event at this time for us was very huge challenge.

There were many times we wanted to give up, but thank to Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) that always there to give us direction as a big event sponsor and a supporter at the same time.  However, the challenge did not end there yet. Once in a while we ended up dissatisfaction and lack of motivation, the whole event organization is very time consuming and with the adequate human resource we facing, nothing could move on time.

One day, there was great news! SMG called up on us, and said they will organize a big event at Kwanghwamun and suggested we shall take part in it. That was a big relief. We are supposed to just be part of the whole big event, which mean we only need to add our Cambodian ingredient to already boiled water. As quickly as we can, we redrafted our plan, gathered our volunteer members, outreached to possible helpers, and spread the news. Then we received more and more positive responses from our wonderful people!


Left to right (Hour Leng, SMG representative, and Oum Vantharith, CSA-K President)

Together with the help from Khmer communities including Cambodian Buddhist Center (KBC), and Cambodian Laborer Community in Uijeongbu(CLCU), and of course, many amazing Cambodian students in Korea, another wonderful memory was made right in the center of  Seoul.

The event highlighted exhibition of Cambodian tourist sites, books, souvenirs, and the unique taste of Cambodian food and dessert in which visitors could try for free. On stage, traditional performance, fashion show, and folk songs were also introduced. In the end, it was wrapped up with laugher and smile by a big circle of Cambodian dance “Rom Vong” together with a huge participation from national and international visitors.

IMG_0808@Kwanghwamun, Seoul, South Korea


Once you wear Khmer traditional pants..you’ll end up like this..

Khmer Traditional Dance “Robam Neang Macha”

The graceful Khmer greetingsIMG_4171

Our MCs and a handsome Korean visitor who volunteer to answer some quizIMG_4296

Our new international friends enjoying Cambodian dance!^^

Thanks to  “Let’s be friend with Cambodia”  event, we were so glad to be able to spread our wonderful culture and made many new friends, more than this, thanks for made us feeling home.

IMG_4462For more photo of the event click here or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you! 시험 잘 보세요^^