Upcoming Miracle


This week, Cambodia Students Association in Korea (CSA-K) members have teamed up to work for something AWESOME again. I’m not gonna reveal what it is, so you gotta stay tuned for the next update. So tricky, right? Yeah, I know!

Then, what will this post be about? hmm…how about reading my impressions on something beside the “official discussion”?

I’m super excited that we got another big project to handle again this time. It reminds me of the early day when CSA-K was just a small group of people working informally with the aim of strengthening networks of Khmer students in South Korea. However, surprisingly, last year we had done so many amazing activities that lead us to expand and  reach 1000+ likes on our facebook fan page today. Behind these smiling faces on the above photo, there are more beautiful hearts Cambodians who are willing and voluntarily spent their times and efforts to make CSA-K projects successfully achieved its goals and ultimately fulfilled its visions. I am so thrilled and excited at the same time that another big miracle gonna happen again.