A Love Letter to My 코이카 80기

by Molyna Noun


The whole language training just ended today. Frankly speaking, I sort of missing them already. They had showered me with lots and lots of love, fun, and laugher. That I can’t help but to sometimes laughed alone when I was on my way home from work (that some ajumma on the subway gave me that-girl-is-crazy-look, now and then).

(Left to right)

Joo Yoo Mi Na: Smart, lovely, and helpful, not to mention she looks as beautiful as a Japanese girl.

I’m so thankful that you are one of my students; as a technician, photographer, and teacher assistant, you’ve been the greatest help. I know you want to be perfect in your exam today, though there still small mistakes, but to me you’re already the best. And “kom barom” I’ll never forget your name at all because you always tried to minus my point on my korean language mistake.

Ha Jae Rip: Gentleman, hard-working, and kind, he never forget to say “knhom srolanh kru Molyna”.

I know it must had been so tough to deal with those drawing-like alphabets once all your time are with physical training. I know you had been working so hard to deal with it, but I always worried about you. I wish I could have more time to tutor you personally so you can catch up with the other. However, you did surprise me with the exam result today. Great job, my tall and handsome 재립선생님!

Park Mi Young: Oh, My “kanha” Mi Young! smart, creative, fun. You own the best personality.

I still remember how you grabbed whole of my hand and  only let me go when you pronounce that word right and I was crazily laughing with this the whole hours. Also when you were in a complete role-play mode persuaded me to give you discount with the flirty-winky eyes, that I was shocked, burst out laughing. Thanks for your contribution to make learning language easier to everyone.

Park Eun Sun: Caring, loving, and beautiful. Photography, music, movie, dance-lover.

I always feel loved and cared in every way when I am with you, I know you’re gonna be the best kindergarten teacher for the little Cambodian children. They need you. And don’t forget our promise that you gonna be sitting on the beach waiting for me when I got back to Cambodia. I really can’t wait to seeing you again.

Kim Sunny : Naughty, arty, and bright. The only student who made me head bang to the desk a lot of time.

You lights up the class like the definition of your name “Sunny”. Who else found the best way to remember the Khmer alphabets than my beautiful Sunny? “ឈឈឈឈឈឈ!!!” and”គិលានុបដ្ឋាយិហ៊ុន?” . Thanks for making the class a lot more fun, sleepy, and lively at all the same time. However, Sunny! you’re 문제있어요. ^^

I really love each and everyone of you deeply and completely. You’re like the different color that when it comes together it made everything wonderful. You made my life wonderful than I would never expect for.