Int’l Student Festival in Trondheim (ISfIT2013)

by Molyna Noun

First and foremost, It’s gonna be the longest post I’ve ever update here, so be ready with some  coke and popcorn before I take you to the journey with ISfIT2013! ^^


Brrrrrr…it was really cold, Norway in February didn’t treat us well at all, even we were all on the night bus heading to Trondheim, we still can tell that if the bus accidentally stop an hour somewhere, we gonna freeze to death, but thankfully it was not. Thus about 7am, we reached the Studenter Samfundet building, which this name (yes, this name) later tatooed itself in all participants’ heart as it stored too much great memories that we will never ever forget ( after Isfit, of course).

SAM_0785Trondheim is the most beautiful city, especially when each wooden house light with the yellow bulb instead of white, covered under soft snow with the trees nearby, you can not help but to feel that Christmas last there for the whole winter, not just a day. Plus, the skyline is perfect for sunrise and sunset, and magnificent starry night that one should not miss to have a midnight picnic with your other half. The people here tend to be strangely handsome and pretty which is thanks to their Norwegian accents and their amazing bread, cheese, and salmons. So if you happen to go to Norway, 1st tip is to be sure to pay attention on how much you eat or you will gain weight, but, if you can not resist those yummy foods, you can still keep your beautiful shape if you just know how to ski up the mountain like the Norwegians.


Since Isfit brought about 450 participants with 154 nationalities together not only to meet up and share ideas but also creating bonds and initiated the new globalized network, it was also  shocked to the Norwegian residents in this small city of Trondheim at first for a sudden population growth. However, for 10 whole days program, everything went on more than the perfect word could describe.


Workshop 11 “Trade as Aid”, the 1st group pic in Day 1, so pure and innocent!!


Then, this is how we really look!! (Day 8)

This is why Isfit last for 10 days. Who say 3? 5? or 7? is the best numbers? No, not with Isfit. It’s just that, some people take such a long time to prevail their truth self or to discover their own self (in case they dont know themselves yet). Each day we have those after-workshop programs that cover various interesting themes which changing time to time (such as: comedy, concert, plenary session, origami, dancing, performance, party…etc) to culturalize and energize those too many diverse nationalities in the hope that we can share and learn from each other more even outside the academic status. And Isfit really did achieve this hope.

Because my best memory would be those few days before the end of the program that most of us rather take the 2:30am night bus, reached home at 4am, got up at 8am, attend the workshop at 9am with sleepless face, some even coughing, caught a cold, but still stay up late to again 2:30am. Neither the program force us to staythis late, nor we love to dance everyday this late, the reason is simple, because we soon will separate, time is not enough for us, that not to mention 154 countries in the world were all here, if after Isfit, when will we meet them again? it might take months or years to be  able to have a chance to cross the boundary of each continent to meet each other, though, we still have Facebook and Skype, but the feeling is not the same. Thus, the memories are too strong to just let go and sleep away.


Trade Auction Activities


Ski Day WS11 team


Just a random break time of WS11


This is how we hang out


Some Kitty Kitty


Some game nights

The last show