The Hidden Miracle @CK-CFF2012

by Molyna Noun

Maybe you all are as excited as I am, to be able to participate in the first ever “Cambodia-Korea Cultural Friendship Festival 2012” this Saturday. There are lots of story to be told, the fun moments, the clumsy, the scary, the breath taking, the heart blowing, especially the chilling one. However, here I’m gonna reveal a little miracle that come to think of it, I can’t just take off a smile on my face.

Wake up in the early freezing morning, we all starting to prepare the exhibition booths, stage, and decoration. To be as perfect as we could, everyone take everything at their best, the performing team started their rehearse again and again, the singing team tried to voice the song till their lung dry, the organizing team ran up and down, here and there, phone ringing and ringing, the clock ticking ticking, then the song were played “the traditional Cambodian songs”,…

Those activities suddenly paused, and all of us just silently smiled at each other. The chilled moments of “Feeling Home” and glowing heart were there, with all of us. It just feel like one of those day, way back home, back with our friends and family, in a random Cambodian gathering time, with just a 2000miles away, and that is it. It’s our time. The skin color, the language different, the trees, the cold autumn are left behind.

We were all aware that not everything will turn out as planned, of course, who can predict the future? But we had used all the effort we had to turn thing just, well, at least, reaching the bar of overall satisfactory, minimize disappointment, overlap the best on the bad, and things like that. As always, “only the heart can see rightly what essential is invisible to the eye”, sure enough, all the people involve in this events are non other than beautiful at heart, they put aside their prioritized school loads, voluntarily accept the possibilities of lower grade or unsatisfied work outcome, to just be part of this CK-CFF.

We just cannot thank each other enough, and those cheering loud applauses from our national and international friends in Korea and our big supporters SMG, ASEAN-Korea Centre, NIIED, and Cambodian Embassy.In just a day, we broke the distances boundary between Korea and Cambodia.

With all those harmonious hearts and souls, this event painted a smile to everyone and the unforgettable lifetime experience.

 A great honor with Mrs. OUNG BOPHAL, Counselor of the Cambodian Embassy in South Korea

Together! Dance off wrap up session (Romvong, Lamleav, Saravan, Madison, and more)

Again, Thank you for making a miracle happen.