The Globalization of World Politics

by Molyna Noun

Well I have to do my homework on this book and I’m also about to have mid-term soon next week. Since I have no feeling to do it, though, let’s talk about it here for a while. The book is totally about IR, I’m not an IR major and I don’t think I’m good at it, but I feel like I am sometimes interest in this. Well, not totally, but occasionally. Maybe because it covers the topics that I should have known, though complicated but it’s good to know. Plus I feel I can get it fast than any other courses, and I don’t know why either. Since it is the mandatory course, there are lots of work to do with it. We have 2 comment papers, 1 presentation, every week 1 page summary, and mid-term & final exam. That’s tough, right? Let’s see how I can reach beyond my O.K plateau.