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Month: September, 2012

Rafting with GSIS classmates





Well, I hope the photo tell every word already! Briefly speaking, every semester we have this MT (2 days 1 night) to get to know each other better. This time, beside the fun paintball game, we had an extra activities, that is “Rafting”. I was so excited because I miss rafting so much, It’s been a year now. The problem was this, we supposed to jumped in the water and played there as well. Frankly speaking, my 1 month swimming lesson did not give much courage for me to say I can swim and I seriously not into a big pond, lake like this one, and I completely do not trust the life saver coat. I swear I am not gonna jumped alone. In contrast, our team loss the race, we were forced to jumped in the water and make a line, I scared at first, but damn god, the water is cold and I can float safely, and amazingly I enjoyed it a lot.


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