MT to Daebudo for Paintball Game

Even we so busy with our spring semester, we didn’t miss the MT. Of course, for the main reason of getting to know each other closely and enjoying time together, in Korea, people have the culture of going to MT which stands for “Membership training”. If you tell your friend you will go the MT, the first thing they came up with is definitely drinking, BBQ, playing various Korean MT game till morning, (of course, no sleep), and having big bowl of noodle in the morning, and at the end, sleeping the bus on the way back home (while knowing someones’ name back as well).

Paintball game (Black Team)

Before going to battle field and fight . haha

Daebudo took around 1 hour from Seoul, and it’s a very good place for MT because it has lots of outdoor activities, 1st is the paintball game, hilltop pension, seafood, and riding along the coast with various vehicle (ATV, Motocycle, …and some more I don’t know the name). Especially Saturday is crowed by students joining the MT.

ATV ride