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Month: February, 2012

My Course Schedule for Spring

My 2nd semester will start soon. I have classes for full week. And yeah.. have many reasons to decide like this. Master course in Korea, need at least 45 credits include thesis writing. Students need to work very hard or can be said, no more social life, otherwise, your scores will be worse. For my case, I can have a long vacation 5 months per year, but for my friends who studies science, they have labs which means vacation in a year is around 2 weeks long and also their working hours should be from morning till night to be able to get home. However, to get one thing you have to lost one thing, and you have to choose for a better good or future good or whatever your priority or value that you give to.

Before starting semester, students have to register course, we must be quick and ready. Search for all info we need about the course and professor (quality, workload, and especially how prof. grade us), some professor  can be torturing on grading but some give us chance to get up even if we fail the mid-term, and some look more on our participation in class, and some are just paper based performance. Therefore, junior students seek for their senior to get recommendation about courses and professor. See? If one prof. is loved by many students the next generation will be queue up to study with him/her, while the classroom size is limited, course registration should be a quick as lightening.

From this semester on, I will have 3 days, while Thursday are count to work on assignment from school, I no longer a free spirit students. However, I’m glad for that because I can concentrate more and working harder than before. (Every student always have this feeling before semester starts . lola)

수강 신청 Course Registration Period


When I study Korean Language, we did not do any course registration at all. However, we did study of how Korean student suffer during the course registration. I came up with this topic because now I am in the process of registering course for my 2nd semester at Sogang Univ. I will update more abt it tomorrow. (No battery now)

Korea Wedding Photography – Jeju Island Outdoor

beautiful wedding shooting session

“Lovey-Dovey Plus” (러비더비 플러스)

Subway Story

I was on subway today and I saw a beautiful Korean girl. She is not beautiful because of only her appearance but to me a girl is the most beautiful thing when she sitting alone and staring here and there innocently while little coughs due to cold, I saw her like an angel. She was wearing big yellow “The north face” coat. Her skin as smooth as snow white ( many Korean girls have it, I’m in a complete fall in love mood** haha) that I keep looking at her all the chances I can. Then the train went on and stopped by different station while many people came in and out. Suddenly, I spot a man came in, he wearing exact shirt like her and came in the same door where we are sitting, I wanted to tell her ” oh he has the same shirt like u” but I don’t know her so I keep quiet, then that man came to stand in front of her and wiped her front hair gently away from her face, then I realize oh the are couple. He is so lucky to have a lovely girl like her. And I can how much he loves by the way he play with her hair and her nose. Mom also play with my hair when she loves , and I can feel through that, and who not ? When she completely look adorable when she does nothing at all.


Say Annyeong

A VDO made my friends who study in Korea, please support him . ^^

Fun & Romantic Holidays in Korea

Ref: KTO

With Valentine’s Day not far away, the streets are beginning to line themselves up with baskets full of chocolates decorated in lace. Among the Korean young generation, it has become a trend to celebrate one special day each month. Though these special days are criticized for being too commercialized, the young people of Korea are taking advantage of the special days to express their love and affection for those around them.
Here are some “Special Days” that are marked with a sense of romance and humor.
Korea’s NEW Special Day “The 14th! It’s fun-filled Day!”
The most popular special day in Korea among the young is Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February each year. Originating from this date, the 14th of every month is designated as the special day for events. Most special days target young couples, but some special days target single people. One exception to the 14th of every month-rule is the month of November, which has two special days — the 11th and the 14th. On November 11, people usually exchange peppero sticks on this day because these peppero sticks resemble the date (11/11). The monthly special days are rated according to stars; the most popular special day receives five stars.
January 14th “Diary Day”
To symbolize the beginning of a new year, couples exchange yearly planners in which they mark their plans, anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates.
February 14th “Valentine’s Day” ★★★★★
If a woman wants to confess her love for a man, or express her feelings for him, this is the day to give that special someone some chocolate. The streets of Korea begin to line itself with chocolate-filled lace baskets about a week prior to Valentine’s Day. This day particularly makes a large profit in department stores, hotels, chocolate stores, bakeries, jewelry stores, and doll stores.
March 14th “White Day” ★★★★★
This special day is in correspondence to Valentine’s Day. On White Day, it is the men’s turn to confess and express his love and affection for that special someone by giving her candies and gifts. The customary gifts on White Day are candy, not chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or dolls. Many men also highlight this day with romantic dinners and events. If one should forget this day and offer nothing to his significant other, he may not hear the end of it for a while.
April 14th “Black Day” ★★★★

Black Day is a day for singles.
After the two romantic love-filled months, lonely singles surely are not in the best of moods. Therefore, Black Day is designated especially for singles. To console each other for enduring these past two months being single, people who are single will get together on this special day to eat Jjajangmyeon, black noodles.
Many people will also dress in all black, from head to toe including black accessories and black nail polish. Hence, the name “Black Day.” Their sense of camaraderie will be stronger on this day as they declare “No to couples, and yes to singles!” but there are a few singles that find a suitable mate.
May 14th “Rose Day” ★
On this day, couples exchange roses.
June 14th “Kiss Day” ★
Kiss everyone you meet on this day.
July 14th “Silver Day” ★
On this day, people exchange silver accessories.
August 14th “Green Day” 
On this day, couples seek nature and relax while singles drink Soju to drown their loneliness.
September 14th “Photo Day” 
On this day, take a picture together with your significant other in a romantic place and put it in a special place to look at.
October 14th “Wine Day” 
On this day, enjoy wine with someone special.
November 14th “Movie Day” 
On this day, couples go to watch a movie at the cinema.
December 14th “Hug Day” 
On this day, couples hug each other in the winter to chase away the cold.
November 11th “Pepero Day” ★★★★

Though not on the 14th, many people celebrate Pepero Day. This day originated ten years ago when a couple of young teenage girls exchanged peperos sticks as a wish to grow tall and slim. Today, peperos are exchanged between couples, friends, family and colleagues, and is becoming a major special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

I Love U in 100 Languages

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. How to express your love in different languages? I just fall in love with this vid. 🙂

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