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Month: December, 2011

New Skin

My new blog skin to welcome new year! Goodbye the past! Welcome new thing, new memory, adventure!^^

Cafe Dream

Yesterday we were so free! I feel like I’m addicted to coffee, I was once, then I stopped but due to the exam we spent day and night at coffee shop. Studying was tough but the coffee shop environment made it better. Even if the exam over but to be back to that same place and do some chit chat instead of study also worth the moment. I start to understand why many coffee shop highly compete with each other, not only the taste of coffee but also other feature.



Nana’s Hair Dye

Today I’m thinking of dying my hair before new year. Then I scroll around Korean celebrities and got Nana from After School. What do you think ? ^^

YuYuArt’s Korean Dolls

Today I came across a site from Flickr and my heart melt for those cute art from YuYuArt. Please click here to find more of these cute Korean dolls and her artistic design, if you love it too, support her and spread the word. It also a very good gift set. I’m consider these to gift to my friend in Cambodia too.

For order please visit : http://www.etsy.com/shop/yuyuart

Sth Mysterious

Lately, It seems like I’m crazy with blogging, yes.. study time is over, I have plenty of hang out and eating while bring back lots of lots of photo and yeah of course, also wanna fulfill my absent from the suffering semester by posting as much as I can. lolz.  The above picture is new trend I got from my Chinese classmate, she also have this kind of style whenever she hang out. Maybe you can give yourself a try, somehow it look funny to me, though not really artistic one.

What’s This?

Let’s me laugh first!! hahaha!!! Funny story that remind me to post this. Last winter, my new Chinese roommate moved in. She always take care of her beauty and she definitely beautiful, and she has this tiny thing in the bathroom. I was wondering she really take good care of her face even using the eggs to improve her face skin, Chinese are a like to Cambodian, because in my country, egg can be used a lot to care for health, the first main role for lady are that we apply the white area of the eggs with some milk over the face to have baby-face skin.  However, day by day, that eggs are still there, in the bathroom, she had 2 of it, 1 with the brown skin and one without skin (Like a boiled and cooked egg, ready to eat) If I were her, I’ll finish the egg right after 2 minutes but no, it’s months over there.

Then I start to think again, maybe she got swollen or hurt somewhere that she need to use the boiled egg to heal the swollen area. Yeah, we do like this in Cambodia, once you hurt or got swollen, we use boiled egg to apply over there so the blood can process well and get better soon. Again, days passed, that eggs are still there, same place, same shape. I thought to myself, why don’t she throw it away, the cooked egg can smell very very bad if we keep it long, due my experience I remember when I was young we travel on a trip while having the boiled egg on the way in our car, dad said, one day the car smell so bad and later he found out that it was the egg that left there. If you wanna know how bad smell it is, you can try. lolz. Though, she didn’t throw it even if the boxes were already teared into pieces due to the wet from the bathroom. I lived with her for 6 months, till she moved out and back to her country, then the egg also gone. Of course, we have to respect with each other, I can not tell her to throw away her stuff also the egg was giving no bad smell as my dad’s experience at all. Also, I didn’t care to smell it either.

Many months passed, I have a new roommate, she doesn’t have that egg at all. However, I walked passed by a shop “Tony Moly” and it surprised me because I found these things, “THE EGGS”, I laughed to myself, they have wide rang of it, even in the nest and many other cute things, fruits, dolls, ..etc. and I have nothing to say anymore.

In Korea you can find a lot of cute stuffs that make you wanna buy them all even you dont really know what to use it for, especially those cute cosmetics design like this one.

Looking for View Finder

Do you by any chance happen to know where can we go the “view finder ” for this Samsung NX 100? I actually what it is, but my friend said, her camera only has big screen view for taking picture, she wanna has the small view that need to put closer to the eyes while taking picture that is called view finder.(maybe)


Nepal Noodle

If or whenever I and Lavorn going out, we always think of Nepal noodle as our dinner. So yesterday, she proposed again to that restaurant. In fact, we were planning to go out and buy stuffs but we end up eating and never stop eating. After look around Youngsan, we had dinner at Dongdaemun, ate squid on the way to Myongdong, and enjoy coffee chit chat over there before heading back home. Oh I forgot that the topic is about noodle, Lolz, back to topic, we found that place via friend recommend, and the noodle receipts are a lot like what we have in Cambodia, and the most interesting fact is that Korean do not eat much food with Chilly sauces, while we never miss it in Cambodia, but that Nepal noodle taste great both with or without chilly sauces. It kinda weird that Korean eat spicy food but they don’t eat with Chilly sauces. Oh, you can find this delicious Nepal restaurant at Exit 3 Dongdaemun station turn a bit left and then there you will see a small crossroad and on the right hand side, 2nd floor.


We actually plan to order 3 dishes, but we are too shy because when we order 1 dish each, the seller repeat the question, are you sure that you want to eat separately? We laughed while thinking “We even wanna order 3, 1 is not enough” lolz. My friend even changed my dish for her own as she saw that mine look a lot more than hers while using that she is younger she should eat more.




5000 won, we ordered 3 dishes for two people that surprised the sellers alot. lolz20111228-094834.jpg

Simple Phrases from KoreaTime


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