Survey on “Attractiveness of Seoul”


Attractiveness of Seoul

Attractiveness of Seoul-Survey Period: Aug. 10~24, 2011

Dear Readers,

Last May, CNNGo analyzed the attractiveness of Seoul and publicized a list titled ‘50 Reasons Why Seoul Is the World's Greatest City’.

※ Among the 50 reasons, jjimjilbangs (Korean saunas), sannakji (raw octopus), screen golf venues, and haejangguk (hangover stew) were cited among the reasons why foreign tourists ranked Seoul as their favorite world city, even though these are rather mundane or everyday aspects of life for Seoul’s citizens.

Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a survey on the attractiveness of Seoul in order to develop tourism resources by discovering and utilizing the City's most attractive features observed from various perspectives and to promote the city to the rest of the world. As such, we hope for your active participation. Thank you very much.

We give away gifts to participants by lottery drawings. Gifts: 4G USB memory with decorative patterns of lacquer ware inlaid with mother-of-pearl • Business-card case • Ballpoint pen set

So? I also participate! Actually, there are lots of interesting things about Seoul, however, since I already one year here, I forgot some already. Also, some of what I attempt  to answer, it was already answered. Therefore it left only what poped up on my mind right now. Then, the first answer is can guess… of course.. “Food”. It’s 10pm here and I am always hungry. Oh, get back to the story, my most favorite food is Haejangguk.  Even if it had been answered already, but I just want to add more vote for it, so they gonna consider promoting this later on. However, I just hope that after this food getting popular, the price can be still the same.

Haejangguk (Stew)

It’s the best soup and best memory, especially during winter. You will think of nothing beside this soup and yes, it taste best with yummy Kimchi and spicy green chilly. I can not help waiting for winter to come again, so I can happily enjoying this soup.

Friendly Korean

Many times I got lose in the subway and many times Korean people lead me right to the destination. Language barrier is a thing, and the kind-heart act can not easily found, but I often met this situation, so it can be counted as the best of Seoul because of Seoulites.

City of Festivals

Since I came to Korea, I found that Seoul always have various and interesting festivals. As for example, this summer there are lots of festivals after Mud festival, Flowers Festival, then Hangang Love Leports Festival, then…many more. In Cambodia, we do not have many festival like this, therefore I am really amazed with Seoul and enjoyed it very much.

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