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Tour Interpreter in Seoul

I think this one is the new service that Seoul is providing. Though, I am still do not know yet where or when or how to find these people, but regarding to Seoul Korea facebook page, they stated that  people in red shirts and red hats just like this (in the picture), will help the travelers about any information regarding to Seoul. I think, it is quite a nice service, since there are several languages offers to help foreign travelers. However, I am still wondering if they are everywhere across Seoul or just at some top tourist sites. Anyway, our Seoul Tour Interpreter look quite friendly and cute, if I can meet them sometimes, I…er…. what will I do??… er maybe will definitely ask if they have read my blog because I have their beautiful pic here. lolz! Just kidding!

VDO about Korea

I do feel inspired by these two VDO about Korea. It’s very amazing! I start to realize I should act something and plan something before it is too late. Before, I finish my study, I want to learn more, explore more, and document more about Korea. I want to know everything about Korea. I am so lucky to be here, in Korea!

“Befriend Korea”

“Korea, where dreams are realized every day”