Flashback Moment

A page of photographic memory and more…

Subway again

I was laughing when I saw an Ajossi jumped up from his seat clumsily and hopped out of the door as if something knocked him because he was felt asleep when he arrived at his destination. Then, the subway continue it’s way, and I wonder why I still not yet reach Itaewon, I look at the map again, Oh! I passed over one stop already. I supposed to stop at the station the same to that Ajossi! Oh god! Hangangjin station was desert!! For 1 year in Korea I have never been to desert subway station like this!


Morning at Yuido

I am still dizzy while taking the train this morning. There were lots of people around me. However, to my surprise when I woke up again at Yuido, people all get off the train. I was shocked. I thought the train might change, so we must get off. Luckily, I was wrong, It was just a morning at Yuido! 🙂

Reported by Molyna 9:12AM @Yuido station.