23rd & 24th Topik Exam Tips

I have written the tips on my Topik 22nd  exam  here.  However, now I want to make some edition to it because I finally passed the level 3 on the 24th exam. I was so busy with university registration, so postponed my post till today. ^^


22nd  TOPIK exam intermediate level (January, Winter), I was in level 2 at Sogang University Korean Language Education Centre once I took . I confess, I was still lack and I regret that alot. Since I want to start Master Program in March, so I took it, also because of my Chinese classmate in the same level, they did pass level 3. However, I was wrong~

23rd TOPIK exam intermediate level (April, Spring), I was in level 3, which mean I’m suppose to at least got it, but I still can not. The main reason is:

– I haven’t prepared (just tried to read my level 4 text book 2 weeks before and done few sample test). In contrast, Topik exam is different, the vocab that came out was not mainly in my Sogang text book.

-Also the grammar in level 3 & 4 text book still not enough. ( I refer to the part 어휘-문법 section, specifically, choosing the right use of grammar 1 out of 4 that was wrong 밑줄 친 부분이 맞는 것을 고르십시요, because there are lots of grammar form I’ve never seen, so how am I suppose to choose the correct one?)

-Timing: I was in rush to copy my answer since I busy reading so detailed in the writing section  and my writing was so bad because I was still low in using diverse structure form.

-Listening was fine, but reading (No comment). I lost focus as of the people around caught a cold, so they can’t sneeze around and moved around so much. And how about vocab? I have no idea what that reading exam was about. Totally Blank! Eventually, 40,000won was wasted again!


24th TOPIK exam intermediate level (July, Summer),I remind myself ” I MUST PASS ” otherwise I can not receive scholarship anymore (Go back Home?) since I have nothing even Topik level 2 or level 1. I was never felt that panic, what should I do? How can I pass? It’s not easy! (ㅠ___ㅠ)

So I have around 1 month to fully prepared for it, but I found myself I just tried hardest once the exam getting close. Throughout my 2 times failure experience I made some change to my mistakes. For those who do not have much time to prepare. Here are the tips.

New edition to previous tips on 22nd Topik exam. In italic letter is the one I just edited after I pass level 3.

1st 90 min – Grammar & Writing

1-Memorize Variety of Vocab If you do not have time,  just memorize those always spotted  (the common vocab)

I would like to recommend buying Topik sample test book (Just 1 or 2). Of course it’s free to do online, but I think online is better with practicing or test your score and getting new common vocab. With book, you can note, feel close, and get back to your note anytime. Do your wrong practiced exam again at anytime. It’s good for memorize words and things. Though, if you are the hard-working student, using online sample test and note down vocab also works well. Since people have different technique and their comfort zone, you better choose what you feel comfort about. My friend he is an IT guide, so he feel comfort about learning via soft copy, but for me book are more comfy.

2-Timing (So encouraged)

Set the time to how many minutes you want to spend on each section, and of course do not forget the time for copy the answer to your answer sheet. ( or time copy out your answer to check it later after the exam, if you want)

3- Don’t miss any question 

Again, the writing test in the “Filling Blank” section, my friend told me, they can’t finish, that’s a BIG mistake. In TOPIK that part got lots of points ( I can say, it can be a pass or fail section) if you got lot of score out of this part , you have a high chance to pass. So, please don’t miss it. It’s a very difficult part, but if you don’t know what to fill, you can just fill whatever you think it fit (if don not have time , screen the  whole text and scan the1 or 2 sentence, it’s usually is the main idea, then pick up 2 or 3 main words from there) cos they gonna give the score from 1-6 if you got something correct.

4- Grammar

Korean Grammar for International Learners, Yonsei University Press, By Ihm Ho Bin, Hong Kyung Pyo, Chang Suk In. It’s around 442 pages in English. Price: 14,000won.

As I mentioned above, many times I failed because of grammar, So I committed myself to finish this book before taking exam and it’s very helpful even if there are lots of grammar not came out in TOPIK but I felt more confident  when it come to this section 밑줄 친 부분이 맞는 것을 고르십시요. And I got 83 points in grammar section as a result. My highest score!^^

2nd sesssion, Listening and Reading

1- Read the instruction carefully (encouraged)

My friend still have difficulty in identifying what the question want us to choose. It’s very distractive. A tip here, Do the sample test often, you will overcome it.

2- Quickly scan the 4 choices answer before you listen (Keep the same tip)

I found that they gave us too little time to spend on screening the answer before hand, which for me, it’s quite difficult to choose. Which different from reading  section , that I mostly screen the the answer before reading the text, so I can stop at the point related to the question. So you must act fast and read fast!!

3- Imagine right

Please clearly differentiate between “Choosing the correct part” and “Choosing the main idea”. 

4- Vocab again

My friend told me to read the prefix and suffix, so we can at least know some new word that distracting us. I did learn, but still I can’t understand the whole reading section.

5- What if I understand nothing??

My friend told me there is this tip. Usually the very last 50-60 question in reading always difficult, time also constraint, many vocab we don’t understand, so they just choose 1 single number they like, example if you like number 4, just fill the answer from  50-60 all are number 4, by doing this at least you got 2 answer correct. Since it’s random. For me, I think he was right because I didn’t know this technique I use my poor brain to identify those complicated vocab and I got 2 out of 10 last question corrected, and I spent so much time. (ㅠ__ㅠ)


That’s it! I hope it will be useful to those who will taking TOPIK exam, Fighthing!!