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Super Junior “Mr. Simple”

SJ rock Kpop world again. ^^

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110,000 Seoulites Use Swimming Pools in Riverside Parks

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government a total of 110,000 people have used swimming pools in parks close to the Hangang River since their opening on July 1.

Swimming pool in Ttukseom Hangang Park

The riverside parks are regarded as a pleasant environment for rest and relaxation for families. The pools, which are divided into pools for adults, youngsters and infants, provide a refreshing view of the Hangang River at reasonable rates.

Swimming pool in Yeouido Hangang Park

Visitors can choose the swimming pool or water fun facility that suits their needs, and have a great time near their homes without having to travel far.

Water fun facility in Nanji Hangang Park

Rates for the swimming pools are 3,000 won (for children), 4,000 won (for teenagers), and 5,000 won (for adults). Rates for water fun facilities are 1,000 won (for children) 2,000(for teenagers) and 3,000 (for adults). Children aged 6 and under are admitted free of charge.

The facilities are open every day until August 28, from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Parking fees are discounted by 50% for users of the facilities. However, it is recommended that visitors use public transportation, as the parking lots are crowded.

International Student Forum

Source: http://global.seoul.go.kr/

The Seoul Global Center would like to invite you, both international and Korean students, to become members of the Seoul International Student Forum(SISF). Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and issues of concern regarding life in Seoul, as well as the opportunity to present your ideas to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Who is eligible?
– International students enrolled in BA·MA·PHD, Korean language programs in universities in Seoul.
– Korean(BA·MA·PHD) university students in Seoul

※ Applicants must be able to participate throughout June-August

How to join?
1. Recruitment start around April and at the latest ends in May.

※ If you want to apply after the application period is over, you need to contact the person in charge directly.

2. Please download an application form from http://global.seoul.go.kr under the “SGC programs” section.

3. Send it to sgc.sisf@gmail.com

( After we process your applicaion, an interview schedule will be sent to successful applicants, via e-mail.)

What are the activities?
– Workshop: overnight retreat

– Policy Proposal Contest: “Seoul I propose…”

( Most importantly, the ‘end-product’ of the forum is to have each group of students propose constructive

ideas to the city of Seoul as well as participate in the execution of such ideas.)

– Official visits: DMC(Seoul Digital Media City), Sky Park, TOPIS and Hangang Project headquarters

– Volunteering at Children’s Centers

– Cultural Activities: Visiting Blue House and the National Assembly building, appearing on KBS’s hit TV program Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies(미녀들의 수다), group workshops, etc.

* Activity programs are subject to change.

What are the benefits?
– Members will receive an official certificate of participation from the Mayor of Seoul

– Policy proposals may be introduced on various media sources

– Members will tour organizations affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government

– Various networking opportunities and increased exposure to other SGC and Seoul Metropolitan Government’s programs

– Most of all, you will have fun while we take you on special tours and activities that will make your life in Seoul more enjoyable.

Further Information
– Contact: Yu Hwa Jang

– Phone:  02-2075-4112

– Fax: 02-723-3206

– Email: sgc.sisf@gmail.com