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Month: July, 2011

In the night Sky ~ After School RED

Today I really fall in love with this song from After School RED!! They are rock!!!


Foreign Food Mart, Itaewon, Seoul

If you would love to cook your home country food and lack in ingredients, which you can not find at any other department stores even you check out the whole Korea, it is recommended to go check  at Itaewon area, it’s famous for foreign stuffs, especially food.

At Foreign Food Mart you can find some ingredients, meats, vegetable, fruit…etc especially from the Asian countries.

You can reach there by stop at Itaewon Station (이태원역) line #6, exit #3 then walk straight for 3 mins, once you reach the Intersection turn right and climb up the small hill and walk across another small intersection for 3 mins, you will see the sign of the mart on the left side.

Spot Korea #1: Bicycle in front of the shop

We were kinda amazed with many kind of shop decoration we discovered so far in Korea, as for an example, I kinda fall in love with these two which I accidentally found around Ewha Women University shopping area. It’s quite a trend! ^^

1- Small bicycle in front a burger house.

2- Small bicycle in front of the cloth shop

Get Dirty, but a Glowing Skin for Summer in Korea

Have you ever heard of Boryeon  Mud Festival in Korea? It sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Despite the fact that the mud looks dirty and grubby, Boryeon Mud are believed to turn the skin glower.  Mud at the beaches near Boryeong  has various mineral components that promote beautiful skin. Heavy metals were not detected after specimen analysis and it has a great effect on preventing skin aging through lubrication and tightening. ^^ Therefore, year by year many internationals tourists came to spend their summer holiday not only to get themselves dirty, but also to enjoy many various events as well at Boryeon Mud Festival, which held every year in Mid-July.

You can see how excited we was by seeing the picture below! Enjoy! ^^

My friends. ^^

This year there were so many people, so we have to wait in row to enjoy the mud slide!

Sink yourself in the mud or bright color are not allowed. It’s very playful!:)

Shower yourself in mud pooooooooooool!! Yohooooo!!

Get together and play the game in mud!!!

You can enjoy with family, friends, or couple! let’s dance!! kekeke

The crowed.

There were also other activities around the playground. Korean traditional performance.

Security stuff.

Tired?? Why don’t you get yourself some Korean Ramyeon ? 🙂

Corn also taste nice! Oh, you also can buy some Mud made cosmetics product as well.

I got some mud hand cream as a souvenir, it smell very nice.

*Credit photo to my friend “Jun Huang”

Recommend: Buy the plastic Camera cover over there in case you wanna take pic while playing mud. ^^

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For furthur reading of the event you can check here:


For how the skin brighter by Mud Products:


For promotional Video


I bet you gonna love it. As for me, I think of changing my plan to visit my homeland in August, so I can go to enjoy Mud Festival next year again. Heheh.

Mud Festival 2011 Korea

Tomorrow our KLEC will lead a tour to 보령 for Korea mud festival. It will be the best summer of the year.

For more info of mud festival I’ll post in the next update.


Meaningful Moment

Are there anything more meaningful than being 1 day away before my very big and important exam just to drop my lovely blog some news? ^^I always kinda like that. Seeking opportunity. Treasure every second. Utilize chance.  Everyone can success, but how did they success? and to what extend they accomplished? I can say I only consider those who know the value of TIME are the real success people. Therefore,… whether you get the big or small achievement, I dont care. I’ll only ask the only 1 question. “How do you spend the second in your life?”