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Month: June, 2011

Khmer Session for Korean Volunteer Students

Several weeks ago, we been helping some Korean Students who will go to do there volunteer work in Cambodia. They are very curious about Cambodia and are eagerly to see and spending some fun time with Cambodian kids. Many enjoying program are being prepared now. ^^ Oh.. and here is the story.

My Korean brother has volunteered in Cambodia for around 1 year, therefore he still knows some basic communication. Since there is the new group of students who will go to volunteer more, the organizer opened a session regarding Cambodia and have each students presenting separately about Cambodia. So my brother will helping them to learn how to speak Khmer and it will be even more effective if there are native Cambodian help the event. So me and my friends offered a help by joining this session and teach them some basic. It was a very interesting experience. ^^

At first we were so panic once seeing they are older than us, but most of them are really friendly that we no longer feel afraid. After the presentation we together went to enjoy dinner and back to class to have a final discussion and photo shooting. The final discussion is the most interest part of all because I and my friends really really want to interact closer to those beautiful and handsome Korean students, hehehe.. .and then here we’ve got the chance.  There are 3 Cambodian, so we divided into 3 group with 10 Korean students each. I’m really thankful to my little Korean language knowledge that I no longer need to use much English this time and enjoyed very well with them.

There are English teaching group and art group, they are gonna teach Cambodian kids to get more knowledge about this two theme via playing game. Therefore, before they play what kind of game with a kid they need to know if it suitable or not since its culture differences, some games might not be effective. and I was very happy that I can offer a great help. Ah.. and the most funny part is they asked us to give their new Cambodian name. To our surprised, these 3 Cambodian girls can’t find anything more better than their beautiful friends name and the most popular singers or people in Cambodia. Yeah.. they really enjoy it so much. But I’m so sorry as well for those who doesn’t like their name, but come on!  We dont have much time to give a meaningful name to 10 people in just a second like this. Sorry!

The communication went very well and we became friends even after the session. This is how life carry us.

마음이 열다 보면 생활을 익숙할 거예요.^^

Please enjoy the slideshow of the event below.

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Ah.. there also a memorable thing for me, it was when we all finished and saying good bye to each other, I walked to the door before my friend and unfortunately she stepped on my shoes, and it teared apart. Everyone so worried how I can go home with one part of shoes, but they helped me with a taped so I can use the broken shoes for a while. It’s such an embarrassing and funny moment that they can’t help it not to take picture of that.  My dear shoes!! ㅠㅠ

“A small bump that took away my dream”~ S.P

“A small bump that took away my dream”~ S.P

S.P, 16, comes from a 10 members family in Kompong Som, the southern part of Cambodia.  Her mother passed away a year ago because of blood pressure, therefore, left only her father to look after the 9 children. She is the 8th of the family. She’s friendly, but a bit shy. However, she enjoys listen to story and doing thing like other children on the same age. Unfortunately, since she was 4 years old, while playing with her big sister, she tripped over and broke her back bone. That day there was only a small bump on her back and slightly pain.  Her father who live in the country side area have so little knowledge regarding how serious this small accident would become . This small bump, that later will took away all his daughter’s dream.

Later, the pain scattered her, she’s no longer could bear anymore. Besides, his busy schedule, he took her to the nearby hospital as well, to get something just enough to temporary stop the pain. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop right there. It doesn’t stop just to be a little bump. It’s growth. Years by years, it’s growth when she’s growth, till one day to a realization, once her father saw  that she couldn’t properly WALK.  Shocked, he definitely have know idea that the small accident caused the broken bone to lead to this at all. The bone broke already and now she can’t walk like other kids. The bump also big enough that she can’t straightly stand. She starts her secondary school and she can’t identify clearly how her is different from others and she deeply upset. However, there is one more person who is in a million pain that no word could write to express compared to her, is her father.

There is one choice. Only surgery can be solved. If this continue, the other body part might be getting worse as well. What can her father do? The monthly salary is not even enough to support the whole family where on earth can he find the money to pay for the surgery? 

Fortunately, the Christian community which her father working for found some fund to support her. Therefore, she was sent to Korea in order to get back surgery at the most famous hospital here, while her father also coming along to look after her. March 25, her surgery was made, she need to stay in bed for a very long time because as far as I know, the back bone is as important as brain. The bone support most part of the body. Without a serious caution, it might lead to a bad result. All the doctors worked on their best to get her back bone straight again, therefore, it also effect her leg as well. Her back bone was connected again and need time to heal it. Therefore, she need to stay in the hospital unable to walk for 2 months to get medication and health check, while praying she will recover soon and be able to walk as usual, attending computer class, passing the grade 9 exam, eating “Somlor Mchum Trokaun”, and playing with her lovely niece back in Cambodia.

May 11, prior to my Korean language level 3 final exam, I’ve got a chance to go to meet her, as a substitute interpretor. My Korean friends just asked me to help to do it because it’s urgent and she think I can do it, also my house is not far from the hospital too. At first, I don’t really know what exactly will it be, but when I realize, someone got a surgery and need me to interpret the communication between the patient and doctors, I was so nervous that my knowledge is just enough for living survival, but not for Technical  term, especially what if I misunderstood something, it might went wrong because it’s not just the normal illness. It’s one life. One Cambodian’s life.

The first time I met her, S.P, despite her serious and injured body, while lying on bed, she smiled at me, so lovely and innocent like the other girl who have a good physical condition. Thank S.P, your smile stop my panic, release all my nervous, and your father also very friendly, that I no longer feel alone in this whole hospital that full of Korean people. However, to them, my presence was more than that and I deeply understand it. 2 months in Korea, received medication, met only sick people,   said goodbye to the nearby patient, greeting the new one, while only her staying on the same bed, can only see through the window and missing everything back home.

My 3 days there reduce her boredom, she laughed while I told my funny Korean life experience to her father. She wants to listen more, see more, and enjoy more.  I also brought her a movie and watched together with her. She doesn’t want to rest at all while I was around, so that she can know more about Korea. Also, she can thank to the doctor who came to check on her by asking me to translate for her. All the doctors there are really friendly and helpful. They understand my knowledge, so they try to explain slowly , and never ever forget a smile at all. Some young doctors also use their dictionary or drawing a picture to help me clearly understand. I am very thankful to them.

It’s almost time for her to return home, a farewell party was made, many doctors and nurse came to join it. Her father almost shed tears while expressing his thank. I can see all the doctors as well was very touched at that moment. They also feel sorry that she is not fully recover yet when she return back, but our little girl was smiling like a blossom in the spring for just a thought of going back home. She received lots of gift and eagerly awaiting for this Friday to go back. Even if she still need to received more medication once at home, she still enjoy the feeling.

[To S.P,

Bong wish you  to recover soon, so that you can make your dream come true.

Believe in yourself and follow all the treatment, you will be getting well

and be able to visit bong in Korea and we can go out and see  falling snow  together.


Molyna ]


*I’m sorry, for some reasons I can’t post her picture now. Sure, I’ll post it once she got back home.