Watched 3D Narnia 3rd with a Korean Family

by Molyna Noun

It’s just another amazing and surprising experience for me~~~~ 😀

Thanks to my friends Dara & Smey that I can  have a wonderful weekend like this. Especially, I would like to express my great thanks  to 연수 and her family for that nice evening as well. Thanks a lot for everything!! I really have a very good time indeed. 🙂 Hmm.. it’s so hard for me to express those happiness I experienced, but maybe after you read my brief activities you might be able to imagine why I have such wonderful evening with them.

First let’s start with when I met my friends, we hung out and did some eye-shopping  for a while before we went to meet 연수 and her family as we supposed to watch “Skyline” movie together. There are many interesting thing when I got to know 연수. Yeonsoo is now studying Art (It’s not Fine Art but another one that she told me but I’ve forgot ^^’) @Ewha Woman University, very close to my univ. Because that’s my first time to know someone at my age studying art, therefore,  it’s really surprised me so much with her drawing. Or it can be because I also love drawing that’s why she really caught my interest. One more amazing thing is that, her house has no TV and instead the living room is filled with a very high book-shelf (Ah…that’s remind me how much I miss my workplace, SIPAR, where many books are at every corner of my office and how much I miss my sister, Mary, who also want to have this kind of display as well, she the most book-lover more than I do… Hik..hik..). Then, to my surprise I caught a glimpse of the book “Narnia” because it has big title in English and I told  연수’s father how much I love and interest in this movie and he said that it’s written by the famous writer but it’s based on the bible.

Then, we left for COEX together. COEX is big underground shopping mall and exhibition center in South Korea. There is also Megabox (One of the famous cinema here) where we gonna watch the movie together. I almost jump up & down once 연수’s mother told me that we’re gonna watch the “Narnia 3rd”  instead of “Skyline” and we gonna watch the  3D movie (You can know how happy I was at that time, it’s my 2nd favorite movie beside Harry Potter and this time I’m gonna watch in 3D that  is considerably as the most expensive one after the 4D movie) 😀

We went to grab some Burger @McDonald before we released our soul a long with the adventure of  Lousy, Edward, and Prince Casbiean of Narnia. This 3rd movie has many comedy part and other interesting effect. After 2 hours in 3D glasses, we went to grab some ice-cream @Burger King and have a small chit-chat about life in Korea.   both 연수 ‘s parents can speak English very well, and they expecting me to have language exchange with their daughter as it will be very convenience because we two study near each other and if I have any difficulties here I can ask for their help at any time. They are such a wonderful and kind-hearted person. I did have a wonderful time to spend my weekend with them all. And of course, I’ll see 연수 again as she promise to lend me the 7 in 1 of Narnia book in English version and to teach her to play Facebook as well. 🙂